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Can We Repair the Ocean Ball After It Is Flat?

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Undoubtedly, the best indoor playground for toddlers is the favorite place for children in childhood and ocean ball is the children's favorite in many entertainment projects. Colorful ocean balls always attract children and adults to jump in and swim. However, the most headache for amusement park operators is that the marine ball often get flat, which will affect the children's experience of playing. Most businesses only know to pick out the shrunken ocean ball and throw it away as garbage, but can't the flat ocean ball in the best kids play area be repaired?


In fact, the ocean ball can be repaired, but it takes too much manpower and material resources, which is not as good as buying new ocean balls, so the manufacturer will grind the shrunk ocean ball into raw materials and make it again. However, a little comparison can effectively avoid the large number of marine balls from shrinking, so it is very important to learn how to select marine balls for children indoor playhouses.



1. Marine Ball Production Materials Are Exquisite


For 8 cm marine ball, this kind of marine ball not only requires that the thickness need to meet the standard but also the raw material should be the best low-density polyethylene material that can be purchased on the market at present, which will lead to the cost of raw material selection more than 10% higher than the ordinary marine ball on the inside playground for toddlers. After being made and shaped by the advanced playing machine, the service life of marine ball is much higher than that of other ordinary marine balls on the kid world indoor playground. Besides, the use of inferior raw materials to produce marine balls will be accompanied by odor and formaldehyde exceeding the standard, so you must pay attention to when choosing.



2. Ocean Ball Size Choosing Skills


There are two common marine balls in the indoor activity center for toddlers, 7 cm and 8 cm. According to the market feedback, 8 cm is the favorite among children and investors, which is mainly because the 8-cm is more in line with the body structure of the human body and the number of balls per unit square is relatively small. Although the price is slightly expensive, the thicker sphere suture is tight and the service life is longer.


ocean ball pool


3. The Skill of Playing Marine Ball Should Be Skilled


In the process of making marine balls for indoor adventure playgrounds, you need to pay attention not only to the raw materials produced but also to understand the production process of marine balls because different production processes will lead to the increase of the number of defective balls in batches of marine balls, and even the insufficient filling of the ball. When buying ocean balls for the kid indoor playground for home, you need to try to see if the inflation level in the ball is consistent. If the large number of marine balls are partially inflated and some are relatively flat, it must be caused by the immature production technology of marine balls.


Ocean ball in the kid zone playground brings children joy, so don't bring them disaster because of cheap. Focusing on product quality should start with each parent and investor, so you can contact us to design and provide samples for you free if you have any questions about the products of the partner.

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