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Children indoor playground kids plastic slide single

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Single slide, Plastic
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For protection, provide a safe space for children
Applicable age: 2-8 years old
Applicable venue: indoor

How to choose?

The size can be freely selected according to the size of the room.
The height of the slide cannot be less than 70 cm, and the thickness is about 3.5 cm. The bottom has a security system, the surface is smooth and it will not hurt children's  hands, and it is easy to assemble.

Product advantages

The raw materials of our products are imported, and have CE, CPC, GCC certification.They are non-toxic, harmless, solid and reliable.

Product Information

Type: Kids slide 

Material: Environmental protection HDPE
Applicable: More than 6 months Color: Blue,pink & green
Place: Family and kindergarten MOQ: 10 sets

slide indoor playground

slide kids plastic indoor children

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slide plastic

slide plastic indoor playground

slide plastic indoor swing set

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Why choose us?

Feelbaby's Children's Paradise.

Rich Industry experience                

Professional team             R&D Patent             Market insight            

Let the baby grow up happily and explore freely in the company of Feelbaby,Provide parents with safe and practical products to help parents better accompany their children grow up happily.

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Feelbaby——Provide one-stop solution for infant educational toys.                


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Individual entrepreneurs:

In response to the problems that individual entrepreneurs and small studios have limited understanding of specific industry and product information, insufficient financial preparations, and confusion about new business directions.

Feelbaby provides:

  •  Excellent business support plan: Analyze the market and appropriate business direction for potential individual entrepreneurs, and foster small Feelbaby agents in their area.


  • Provide marketing support such as visual pictures and articles.

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OEM services:

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Design drawings provided

Customers send samples or provide drawings to Feelbaby.

Design sample

Professional designers design for the samples.

Mold  opening/


After the customer confirming the samples, Feelbaby begins to making the mold or customizing.

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Sample confirmed

Send the initial samples to the customer for confirmation.

Mass production

After the customer confirming, Feelbaby arranges mass production.

After-sale rights protection

Protect the interests of the customer and the exclusive color.

ODM services:

01. Customers provide a marketing scenario or some ideas.

02. Feelbaby gives a proposal, selects materials and provides design drafts.

We use modern 3D design software to help product designers better perceive their work, without having to spend huge sums of money to make a working prototype. By understanding the appearance of your product ideas in 3D space, wen can avoid costly mistakes in the design process, and then print them with our 3D printing technology.

03. The customer confirms the design draft.

04. Professional designers design samples.

Today, we use our own in-house 3D printers to provide 3D printed prototypes, which can be functionally implemented without high cost. If the size permits, before mass production, the production design will be 3D printed and shipped to the customer for size and shape approval.

05. After the customer confirming the sample, Feelbaby begins to making the mold or customizing.

06. Send the initial samples to the customer for confirmation.

07. After the customer confirming, Feelbaby arranges mass production.

08. New models are only sold to customer and not sold to other buyers.

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Let babies grow up happily and freely in the Feelbaby company, we will provide parents with safe and practical products to help them accompany better with their children.
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