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Do You Know How to Choose a Baby Crawling Mat?

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After the baby enters the crawling stage, a good crawling mat is very important. It can not only prevent the baby from bumping, but also prevent moisture and cool, so that the baby can safely pass the crawling stage. But nowadays, there are many kinds of crawling mats on the market with different prices. How to choose a qualified crawling mat has become a difficult problem for mothers. But don't worry about it. Today, let us take a look at this shopping guide as following.




Even if mothers do not buy baby products, they know if the product has a pungent smell when it is opened, it may contain volatile toxic and harmful substances. When buying a crawling mat, the most intuitive way is to smell it. A good baby crawling mat hardly smells pungent smell with industrial processing when using it. If the kids crawling mat smells a little pungent, then this crawling mat can be passed.


a good crawling mat



A qualified crawling mat will be very fine in terms of details. The details of a crawling mat also reflect the quality of this product, for example, whether the edge of the crawling mat is not well stitched, whether the surface will be uneven. So, when buying it for baby, the parents should look at the details and the overall sense, and try to choose a crawling mat with more stable stitches.




When buying a crawling mat, the most important thing is to pay attention to the material safety, especially the inner filling. At present, the mainstream materials of mat include PE, EPE, XPE and PVC on the market. Among them, XPE is currently recognized as an environmentally friendly material in the world with good quality. The original XPE is pure white, but it is expensive and requires high production technology. Many manufacturers have failed to reach the level of technology and switched to production using recycled materials. Therefore, when we see that the crawling mats on the market are filled with colorful materials, do not rush to place an order because they look good from the surface, In fact, this material is not pure white XPE material that is environmentally safe and easy to affect the baby’s breathing.




The elasticity of the crawling mat will have a certain impact on the baby’s bone growth when the baby crawls and plays. In addition, a cushion with better elasticity and cushioning can greatly reduce the risk of a baby’s fall and injury. Therefore, when choosing a crawling mat, try to choose it with better elasticity.




The crawling mat directly touches the baby’s skin. A crawling mat with a soft touch and non-sticky skin is more suitable for babies. But this does not mean that you only need to choose a smooth crawling mat. A crawling mat with smooth surface will not have enough friction with the floor and will easily move, which will cause the baby to slip and fall. Therefore, a crawling mat with a soft surface and non-slip properties is more suitable for babies.

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