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Do You Know the Development of Kids’ Playground Skills?

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Almost all the children like to go to playground on holidays, since there are many games on the playground, such as inflatable water slide, slide and swing set, seesaw and carrousel and so on. About the project of kids slide, there are many kinds for children to play. But do you know the development of a kids playground skills? In the development process of childrens athletic ability, each development stage has a sensitive period which corresponds to the development of athletic ability.


Now let us see how the American exercise physiologists’ explain it. They generally divide the development of a childs playground skills into six stages. The first stage is from birth to two and a half years old. At this stage, the childs nervous system is developing and some basic exercise functions are being formed, such as crawling, walking, grabbing, hitting, pushing, blinking, shaking head, talking, making various expressions etc. All of these basic abilities will become the basis for the development of childrens intelligence and physical ability in the future. The second stage is from two and a half to five and a half years old, which is also called early childhood. At this stage, normal children should have a set of basic movement functions, and the abilities include jumping, running, kicking, throwing, catching, sliding, turning etc. These movements are seemingly simple, but they are the important basis for the intelligence and normal development of childrens athletic skills in the future. AT this stage, the parents may teach the baby to play swing and slide. Usually the baby has the ability to hold the rope of the swing to play it with the help of parents, and he also can play babys slide. For some older babies around five years old who are brave, they may play kids indoor slide or outdoor slide independently.


slide and swing set

When the kid is around 6-10 years old, it belongs to the third age, which occurs in the pre-adolescence, and people call the period as enlightenment stage of athletic ability. Later it will enter the movement formation stage at 11-14 years old. The fifth stage is specialization stage at 15-18 years old, and the final mature skills are mainly produced in adulthood, and it is the sixth stage. Each stage of development roughly corresponds to its typical age range. It is important to understand that the training plan must be consistent with the various stages of the child. Of course, there are some differences in different individuals. Generally speaking, the kids with the same age may differ from their biological age by several years.


At the enlightenment stage, kids are suitable for low intensity exercises, such as childrens slide, climbing frames with slide etc. And the parents may properly arrange some games to let the child participate to ensure the kid to be trained. Of course, at the movement formation stage, the children can increase the intensity of exercises according to the different physical development of kids. For example, children can play football, basketball etc. In short, it is necessary for kids to do some exercises at different ages in order to ensure their healthy growth.

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