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Do You Know the Difference of Crib, Playpen and Play Yard?

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When mothers and fathers go to shops to buy the baby fence, they always don't know which one they should to buy. The crib, playpen and play yard are all for babies and all can keep the baby safe. Here we will tell you the difference of them.


Baby crib


Baby crib refers to the baby bed. It is a small bed for baby specially. Usually it means the bed with fence for infants and young children. On the market, there are many styles of cribs, and their functions and prices are very different as well. It can be divided into solid wood cribs, rattan cribs, bamboo cribs and mixed cribs of various materials according to the different materials. Among them, the solid wood crib and bamboo crib are popular, and their prices can be accepted by most of parents. It is necessary to get crib for the baby. When sleeping at night, the parents often sleep next to the baby. It is possible that the parents will press the baby or cover the baby's head with the quilt accidently. It is very dangerous. If the baby sleeps alone in the crib, he will have an independent sleeping space and won't be disturbed. The parents can place the crib near their bed, and it is easy to take care of baby. What is more, there are fences around the crib, and it can prevent the baby from falling down. So it is safe for baby to sleep in it.


Baby playpen


Baby playpen is also called baby play fence or children's fence, which is suitable for the baby below two year old. At this age, the baby is learning to crawl or stand, or just can walk. If the mothers look after the baby at home, they can not to hold the baby the whole day. Mothers can put the baby in the baby playpen and interact with the baby through interactive window. When mothers cook or do housework, they also can put baby in the fence. So it is suitable for toddler and it is safe for baby.


baby crib

Baby play yard


What is baby play yard? It can be called the most convenient baby's bed. When the parents go out or travel with the baby, they can bring the play yard. It can be folded and put in the bag, and it is easy to store. Nowadays, many play yards have the diaper table, which is convenient for mothers to change diapers for the baby. If mothers and fathers want to travel with baby, it is really convenient with it.


After you read this, do you know the difference of crib, playpen and play yard? For the parents, no matter which one you want to buy, you had better to choose according to your requirements. For example, if you buy one for baby sleep, you had better to choose the baby crib. If you want to buy one for looking after the baby, you may choose baby playpen. All in all, you choose the suitable one for your baby. 

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