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Great Ideas for Design of Children Playroom

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The playroom of children is a place for children to play and learn. Of course, its main function is for kids to play in it. In fact, for children, the process of playing is the process of learning. We know that children often can get more experiences and knowledge during the process of playing. Then how to design a suitable playroom for children?


Generally speaking, creating any space of children can be tricky. It should be not only functional and practical, but also environmentally friendly and stylish in appearance. The important point is that it should be safe for children. So it is not easy to combine all these functions. This is especially true for the playrooms of kids. Because the child often spends more time to play in it, and even stay a whole day in it in holidays or weekends. What is a good playroom? Usually it should have a creative and colorful design to attract children’s attention, and make them want to stay there to play and learn, and it can store all the children’s toys. Of course, the kids toy shelf and simple book shelf are indispensable. How to achieve this result? Here are some suggestions and ideas for your reference.

simple book shelf


Set up different regions


Usually children like to do different things and they are easy to get bored for one thing very quickly. So the parents need to design different activity areas in the playroom to keep them busy, such as reading area, playing area, hand making area and so on. Here take reading area for instance. The parents may put one book shelf in reading area. When child feel tired or does not want to play toys any more, he may go to reading area to take some picture books from the small book shelf to read. Another advantage of creating separate areas for each activity is that it can help the children to get used to keeping the space tidy and help them find whatever they need very easily and quickly. It is a good way to teach children to learn how to classify and organize from childhood. How to separate areas for playroom?


For children, the most popular spaces maybe are a drawing area, a reading area and a play area. This is necessary for every child, but you can create more different spaces according to the children’s needs and interests. Below we will list different areas and the small piece accessories what need to be prepared for children. The blackboard wall of the painting space needs some pencils, paints, crayons and other thing. And a comfortable reading space need be with bean bag chairs, kids book shelves and a basket full of picture books. The table is full of pens with various markers, and several colorful chairs are very suitable for painting or studying. Or a reading corner is separated from the cabinets in other areas. For playing area, a toy shelf or a toy storage box should be put here to store the toys of children. How do you think these ideas? 

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