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How Does Kindergarten Purchase Furniture?

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Usually many kindergartens and education or training departments will purchase furniture for children every season, such as kids book shelves, kids toy shelves, desks and chairs, sleeping beds and so on. We know that children's functional furniture is different from other office furniture. Because they are used by young children, the requirements for quality standards are relatively high. In order to ensure that the furniture can help children to the greatest extent, there are some matters which need to be paid attention to when purchasing furniture. Today, we will tell some experiences for you.



1. Use materials with environmental protection


First of all, purchaser must ensure that furniture such as childrens book shelves and childrens toy shelves are environmentally friendly and will not cause health hazards to the children. It is necessary to choose eco-friendly materials in order to keep the children safe. In addition to the environmental protection of the basic materials, other aspects must be environmentally friendly. For example, there is no paint, no viscose and other auxiliary materials used on the toy storage box. Generally speaking, the purchasers cannot choose furniture by price. Before deciding on the manufacturer, some companies often let several manufacturers to provide budgets. The purchaser should understand the importance of environmental protection on the health of children. Don't buy cheap goods in order to save the budget. At the same time, they need to know the quality of furniture whether furniture are suitable for the children.


2. Humanized process structure


Usually children in kindergarten are rapidly growing their bodies, so the furniture used must be designed with humanity, and the structure and craftsmanship should be designed on the basis of the child’s physical development. This will not only allow the child to have a good experience, but also is helpful for the body of children.

kids book shelves


3. Considering the safety of use


Safe use is an important aspect of kindergarten furniture, and the safety of detailed design is the primary criterion. Children are active and curious, and are prone to bumps and injuries. The children's furniture and products should have smooth lines, smooth switches and delicate surface treatment. For example, a wooden toy shelf or a wooden book shelf has moderate height, and it is strong and durable. What is more, it is easy to be cleaned and maintained, and childrens toy box is not easy to scratch the children. All in all, the furniture should try to minimize safety hazards during using.


4. Color of furniture


The color of furniture has a certain stimulus to children's vision. When buying, the purchaser should pay attention to the use of product color. The color of furniture should not be too bright, and the color should be gentle and not dazzling in the sun, because kid with 0 to 7 years old is the peak period of children's creative development. Choosing bold and bright furniture colors can arouse their curiosity and attention, and cultivate children's sensitivity to colors such as the color of book shelf or the color of toy shelf. But remember that furniture with too bright color may contain higher lead content, which must be avoided when purchasing. 

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