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How Much Do You Know about a Baby Playpen?

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With the improvement of people's living quality, many new products of baby and children are developed, which are loved by many mothers. These baby's products bring more convenience for the life of mothers. For example, in the market of baby and infant products, there is one product which is called baby playpen. Maybe it is little strange for some people who first hear the name. In this article, we will tell some knowledge about baby playpen and hope that it can help those people who are going to be mothers.


What is the baby playpen?


The baby playpen is also called baby fence, play fence, or children's fence. Seen from the name, we can know that it is the fence provided safety for baby or children play. Don't look down upon the product, it is very useful. The main function of the baby playpen is to help mothers to liberate their hands and provide a safe and comfortable environment for babies from 6 months to 3 years old. With the help of baby playpen, the mothers can do other household duties when looking after babies. And using baby playpen is helpful to cultivating children's independence, thinking ability and concentration. The babies or children can explore their worlds by themselves when playing in the fence. At the same time, baby play fence can provide a good place for the baby's physical coordination and training.


What are the characteristics of baby playpen?


There are two types of baby gate fence, one is made of wood, and another type is made of plastic. Usually the material of baby playpen on the market is plastic. The plastic baby playpen is lighter and cheaper compared with wood baby playpen. And plastic baby playpen is easy to store and deliver. So it has become the mainstream product on the market. Generally the baby fence includes gate fences, game fences and pieces of fences. They are connected by card slot sockets. The stability is mainly completed by 4 sided splicing, and the bottom has suction cups, which function is for antiskid. After installing, the baby can be put in the baby yard pen. 


baby yard pen

What is the role of baby playpen?


1. Free the mothers' hands


The mothers can put the baby in the baby fence when doing housework or some urgent things, and let the baby play in the fence by themselves with the toys. In this way, mothers don't need to carry the baby in their arms all the time. We know that baby is easy to have bad habits if the parents hold them the whole day.


2. Protect the safety of baby


For mothers, it is necessary to have baby play fence. During the entire process of baby's growth, the baby's body functions will continue to improve, and they will gradually move from crawling to standing upright. In this process, the fence can prevent the baby falling down from the bed to the greatest extent. After all, the protective measures should be done in order to baby's safety before the baby can stand upright.

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