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How to Arrange, Organize and Decorate Bookshelves?

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Bookshelf is a kind of furniture, and it is one of the frequently used furniture people are familiar with in daily life. Usually it consists of some shelves on which things can be placed. We know that it has many different materials and structures, and its shape generally is vertical or horizontal, and the material is mainly wooden. Of course, its main purpose is to store books. Most of families have the book shelves. It can be simply divided into adults book shelves, book shelves of children and baby toy shelf etc. according to different users. Then do you know how to arrange, organize and decorate bookshelves?


As everyone knows that modern urban life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxing leisure time. But how can we make the home warm and comfortable? A small bookshelf can help on it. As long as you master some small skills to arrange and decorate it, you can easily create a pleasant home. And you can use it to organize the toys of babies or books of children. It will make your home clean and be in good order. Here we will introduce some tips for you.


a small bookshelf

Generally speaking, bookshelves can be decorated with many accessories and it is mainly determined by your preferences. A big bookshelf with good bearing weight capacity can also contain many cute little things except books, such as photo frames, glass, crystal and silver objects etc. Of course, your hobbies should be displayed on your bookshelf through your choice. And the themes, colors and shapes you like are fully displayed on the shelf. No matter what you like to collect, it is a place to make you proud in your home. When the collected objects are to be displayed on your shelf, you had better make sure to arrange them with a concept to combine short-term, medium-term and long-term decoration. For the color of book shelf, it can match the color of your room or it is accordant with the color of other furniture.


You also can design the wall mounted bookshelves on the wall to increase the space of the room. The TV background wall is the focus of storage in small-sized houses. The entire wall is made into the style of a TV cabinet, which is more convenient for storing books and saving space of your home. For example, you can combine the wall cabinets according to the wall area, and then adopt a closed storage method to avoid the TV background from being too complicated.


If the space of your home is small, you may combine the bookshelf of child with the bedroom. It not only saves space, but also is convenient for the study and life of children. How to organize? You may make the background wall into a storage bookcase, or you use the background wall to make wall mounted bookshelves. But the height should be suitable for kids to take books conveniently. No matter how you arrange and decorate your bookshelves, remember to illuminate it make them more important. 

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