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How to Assemble Building Block Table?

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If you have children in your family, have you ever considered assembling a table for children's blocks? Here's how to quickly assemble a building block toy storage bin.


Step 1: Tools and Materials


Here are the materials needed for the toy storage box: birch plywood, drawer guide rail, nail, short screw, wood putty, building block board, drawer handle.

Here are the tools needed for the wooden toy chest: table saw, hammer, rail sander, vibration sander, sandpaper, glue, nail, drill bit, cloth or dye brush, putty knife, hot glue gun.


Step 2: Cutting the Tables Sides and Top


You need to cut the birch wood into two parts for a table and a drawer and put the 1-inch tape on the top of the table.


Step 3: Dado the Front/Back Pieces

You need to adjust the cutting depth of the kids wooden toy box in order to keep 1 / 4 of the thickness when cutting the plate. Besides, the distance from the edge of the fence to the other side of the blade should be 1 / 4 when you are setting the fence and you need to raise the table saw blade to 1/2 depth. You can move the fender close to the blade until the entire area is covered with the fender, but you have to place an abandoned piece of wood on the table saw fence.


toy storage box

Step 4: Cutting Out the Drawer Fronts

Cut the wall panel into three pieces and the middle part can be used as a drawer. If you want to dye the block toy storage organizer, be sure to label the sections to distinguish the texture on the plywood.


Step 5: Assemble the Table

Drill a few small holes in the panel area and make sure they are smaller than the size of the nails, which will make it easier for you to put the block tables together. Apply glue to one of the wallboards and make sure you have enough glue to hold the remaining pieces together. If you are arranging the grain, be sure to put the right chip on the right end. Besides, you should nail several pieces of square plywood to the top and bottom of the toy storage unit to keep it flat. Let them stand for an hour and then take them off.


Step 6: Put in the Top

Put the extra-large toy storage on the right and apply glue to the edge of the just installed parts.


Step 7: Assemble the Drawer

Draw a line at both ends of the front and back of the drawer, which will accurately position the drawer of the baby toy storage. Place a small marker on the outside of the line to determine which side should be fixed and which side can be drilled.


Step 8: Putty and Sand

Place nails in front of tables and drawers and hold them 1 / 16 inch below the surface of the wood. Use a putty knife at the seams to better push the putty into the joint. It's important to note that you shouldn't scatter it outside, which will allow you to do more work while polishing.


Step 9: Install the Drawer Hardware

There are many mounting positions to install the hardware on the drawer, which is very confusing, but you can adjust it according to your needs if necessary.


Step 10: Stain the Table

You should wipe the dust off the large wooden toy box with a clean cloth and take the drawer out of the table.


Step 11: Put on the Plates

After dyeing the kids toy storage box and drying the coating, it can be placed on the block board. Also, you can arrange the building blocks in any way you like.

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