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How to Build the Most Popular Baby Playpens?

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We know that baby playpen is a kind of plastic or wood fence for baby play in it, which is often used for protecting the baby's safety. It is loved by mothers, especially for many second born mothers. They have experienced that the baby is easy to fall down from the bed without any protecting measures when they had the first kid. It made them scared. They said that the baby safety fence must be installed. It can save a lot of worry for mothers. Don't be lazy or think it is troublesome because you don't have time. Otherwise, you will regret when baby is injured. So these mothers prepare it for baby in advance when they have the second baby. They go to shops and choose the best baby bed fence and baby play yard fence. After all, it is an important thing. After getting them, how to install them? Here we will tell some tips about how to build the most popular baby playpens.


Firstly, you should know if you want to build the most popular baby playpens, you should choose the suitable baby yard pen for baby. How to select? Usually mothers may choose according to the age of the baby, but pay attention to below items.


1. The design of baby fence.


The design of the baby fence should be reasonable, and the baby cannot get stuck while playing. The height of the fence should be suitable to prevent the baby from turning out of the fence, and the height cannot too high to block the sight of baby.


2. The material of baby fence.


When choosing the baby fence, mothers should pay attention to whether the material is safe that has passed authoritative testing. We know that babies like to bite the toys or other articles around them, so the material of baby fence must be safe.


baby bed fence

3. The color of baby fence.


Mothers had better choose the colorful baby play fence and pay attention to color matching, which not only can strengthen the baby's cognitive ability and improve his memory, but also can make the baby's mood more positive and optimistic.


4. The quality of baby fence.


When choosing the baby fence, mothers should care about some questions of quality, such as whether there are burrs on the edge of the fence, whether the interface is easy to loosen, and whether the thickness and hardness of the fence are appropriate for baby.


Before building the children's fence, mothers had better to choose the right place. It is best to choose a light place with ventilation, but not against the wind. Then you prepare 4 guardrails, 8 sets and several bolts. Firstly, you wipe clean guardrails and sets, and clamp the set between the two guardrails. Don't rush to get it fast, you had better to match them first and place the entire guardrail. During the installing, you must be careful to avoid hurting hands or damaging the guardrail. SUPER SEPTEMBER owl kid's playpen is a good product, which is easy to install and has good design.

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