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How to Choose Safe Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers?

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We know that children have a natural feeling for toys. Father of preschool education - Froebel said that children's toys are God's gift. If the parents enough careful, they will find that the child's eyes are so excited, impulsive and intoxicated when seeing toys in the toys boxes of kids or toy shelves of kids. And the process of playing with toys is also a process for children to understand the world and themselves. With the progress of science and technology, the production of toys is constantly improving and innovating. Toys are becoming more scientific, educational, interesting, and sophisticated such as kids slide toys and baby climbing toys. As a result, the industry chain of toys is rapidly expanding, and the toys of children on the market are dizzying. So, what kind of toy is best for children? How to choose safe toys for toddlers and preschoolers? Today, we will give you some experiences.


Avoid sharp toys


The child's skin is delicate, especially toddlers. They are easy to put toys in the mouth or tightly held by the hands. And they do not have much control over the weight of toy when playing. When buying toys, the parents had better touch whether it has any sharp points on the edges, especially those made of metal, which may appear the safety hazard with hard corners and many burrs. So, the parents had better to choose toys for baby with rounded corners and high safety factors.


Watch out for toys that are too small and slippery


Toys that are too small and slippery such as marbles can easily cause children to eat by mistake. In addition, parents should avoid wearing clothes with small accessories to avoid being dragged down by children and swallowed by mistake.

kids slide toys


Raspy toys


Nowadays, many plush toys of kids can make sounds. As long as the child clicks a specific position, the toys will sing nursery rhymes and chant songs by themselves. But some inferior products have harsh sounds, even more than 70 decibels, which will undoubtedly cause harm to children.


Airtight toys


There are often cartoon human-shaped and animal-shaped mask toys for kids on the market. Some masks are not air-tight, which result in no breathing openings. Some unqualified mask products are made of toxic plastic. It will easily cause children to inhale harmful substances if they close contact with them.


Overfilled balloon


Tests have shown that balloons may cause combustion and explosion under the action of high temperature. The damage caused should not be underestimated. Once the balloon fragments enter the child's respiratory tract, it is a direct threat to safety of child. When the parents let kids play balloon toys for children, do not over-inflate the balloons to prevent accidents.


Toys that can cause serious injury


Childrens plush toys are toys basically every child loves. When choosing plush toys, the parents should pay attention to whether they have unpleasant filling smells, which it causes skin allergies and coughing. In addition, offensive toys such as guns are not recommended for young children.

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