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How to Choose a Good Kindergarten for Children?

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Almost all parents would like to choose the kindergarten with good quality for child. Then how to choose a good kindergarten? First of all, the educational philosophy of the kindergarten must be advanced, so that the baby is happy and can learn more knowledge. In this article, we will tell some experiences from below three aspects, hope it is helpful for you.


Implementation and management of the activity area


The kids play area means that teachers divide some areas according to their educational goals and children’s development level. For example, childrens play area is divided into an intellectual game area, a science area, a construction area, a role area, a performance area, an art area, and a reading area. Put a variety of materials in a planned way, and create an activity environment, so that children can independently choose learning content and activity partners in a relaxed and harmonious environment according to their own wishes and abilities, and they can take the initiative to carry out operations, exploration and communication activities in different areas of play area of children.


Kindergarten equipments


The purpose of creating the play area of kids is to provide an open game environment, encourage children to choose freely, explore freely, and obtain physical, cognitive, emotional, personal and social development in the interaction with the environment. The Guiding Outline for Kindergarten Education clearly states: "Environment is an important educational resource. It should be created and used to effectively promote the development of children." Therefore, the premise of the implementation of the activity area of kids is environmental construction, including the planning and layout of the kids activity areas, the equipment and release of materials. In addition to environmental construction, the key to develop effective regional activities lies in the establishment of rules and teacher guidance. The establishment of rules includes the establishment of children's routines and the agreement of regional rules. Teacher guidance includes teachers’ observation and evaluation of children and intervention guidance during activities.

childrens play area


Planning and layout of the activity area


When planning and arranging the equipment in the childrens activity area, the space planning should be carried out first, and then the environment creation should be carried out. Spatial planning includes selecting and determining the type and number of activity areas, and arranging the location of each area reasonably. The principal and teachers should plan the space and use corridors according to the characteristics of the kindergarten, the class space and the number of children in the class etc. Public activity areas of children are added to stairwells and other venues.


After the space planning of the class activity area is done, teachers can start to create the environment of the activity area. The environmental creation of the activity area is divided into two categories: the first category includes infrastructure equipment such as kids toy cabinets, kids toy shelves, tables and chairs, partitions, large props and instruments, which are static environments. The second category includes regional decorations, operating instructions or rules, Dynamic environment such as operating materials equipped in each zone.

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