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How to Choose the Suitable Study Table and Chair for children?

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In Kindergarten, the teachers need to purchase new study table and chair for kids every year. Usually the kids are around 3-5 years old, they are not enough tall, and only can use the babys table and chair. And the suitable table and chair are helpful for them to watch picture books and do handworks etc. Of course, it also can avoid bad sitting postures when studying, which often easily cause subsequent questions such as near sight or humpback etc. So it is very important to purchase the suitable tables and chairs for children in kindergarten. Then how to choose? Let us get to know it.


1. Kids table and chair must avoid sharp edges.


Considering from the aspects of safety, all corners of the childrens tables should be trimmed and blunted, and the four corners should be rounded corners to prevent children from being injured when they use or leave the tables. The blunted table edges can minimize the damage for kids, even if the kid bumps it accidently. All corners of the childrens chairs also need to be blunted through processing, such as the chair surface, backrest, legs, armrests etc. The purpose of the design is to avoid injury caused by collision.


kids’ table and chair,

2. It must be have good weight capacity.


For kids table and chair, usually they are small and short, but it needs have sufficient weight capacity to support the weight of the kids. It is very important to keep the childrens safe. And the surface of the table must be stable and absolutely smooth. Then the children can use it safely. After all, the children like to play games on the table, such as playing clay or toys. Sometimes the naughty boy likes to use his hands to support his body on the table or press the table. These activities need tables to have enough load-bearing capacity. If the tables weight capacity is not enough, it may deform and affect the stability of the table, even it will cause accidents. The child chair is responsible for the main role of carrying the weight of the child. It must have the limit value and allowable value of weight that can be carried. So it should be paid attention to before purchasing. In addition, the suitable chairs can help children to maintain a good sitting posture.


3. Good anti-skid and stable design.


The legs of tables and chairs in kindergarten must have good anti-skid function, which can guarantee the tables and chairs stable and safe when they are used on different ground materials. Please note that the table and chair with glide wheels are not suitable for children absolutely in the kindergartens. It will increase the potential safety risks to make the children falling down.


4. The material of table and chair must be safe and healthy for kids.


In recent years, people begin to pay more attention to the importance of environmental safety. And the influence of environment for kids has been gradually listed the necessary considerations by parents. Therefore, the materials of kids desks and chairs must be no toxic and safe, and must accord to the safety standards.


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