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How to Clean a Baby's Playpen?

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We know that baby playpen is a tool for baby to use. And it is designed to protect the baby safety. At the same time, it provides many conveniences for the parents. For example, when the mothers are busy to do housework, they may put their babies in the baby play fence, and let the baby play with games or toys in it. So it plays an important role in the safety of the baby. Because it is for baby using, the cleaning work must be careful. How to clean a baby playpen in daily life? Due to the children's fence are made of different materials, the cleaning work should be divided into different ways according to the types.


1. The solid wood baby playpen


The characteristic of the solid wood baby play yard fence is beautiful and durable. The disadvantage is that it may bump the baby, so usually the baby fence indoor are equipped with the cushion around the bed. The cushion should be washed regularly to keep cleaning, for example, washing it every month, and the four sided solid wood fences are cleaned every day. After all, the baby always holds it when standing or learning to walk. Sometimes, the baby will bite it with his mouth. The fences are easy to have bacteria. So it is important to keep the fences cleaning. The mothers had better to prepare a soft towel specially to use it for wiping the fences. When wiping, do not use any chemical cleaning agents, because all cleaning agents on the market have chemical substances. It is best to clean it with water more times to avoid the baby licking it or biting it with the tongue.


play fence

2. The baby playpen with mesh fabrics


Some baby products are made of mesh fabrics, such as baby playard, or baby bed fence. It ventilates easily and is very breathable, and it has a wide vision for the baby. the important thing is that the mesh fabrics is strong and soft, so the mothers don't need to worry about bumping into the baby and it is safe when the baby sleep or stay in it. The disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and needs to be washed regularly. But it is easy to wash.


3.  The mattress or floor pats


The mattress or floor pats of baby play yard pen need to be cleaned regularly as well. Using a soft towel to clean the pats carefully every one or two days or scrub it with water every one or two weeks. Generally it is decided by the using frequency of the baby and seasons. If the baby use it every day or use it in hot summer, the mothers had better clean it more times. We know that people are easy to sweat in hot summer including the baby. The quilt for the baby to cover should be exposed to the sun, and the down, synthetic fiber and wool quilt should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, but it can be dried in a ventilated place. 

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