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How to Create an Indoor Play Gym for Children?

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In the past two years, the development of children's indoor playground is very hot. More and more cities have begun to build various indoor playgrounds for children. But for the design and decoration, they choose general design companies, which leads to the design and decoration of childrens indoor park very unprofessional. For the selection of the decoration company, the investor must be cautious, because choosing a professional and responsible decoration company not only can avoid perfunctory things in the decoration process, but also can achieve good effect and avoid some problems appeared in the future. Then how to create an indoor playground for children? Today, we will talk about it.


Generally speaking, children's play Gym includes entrance hall, bar dining area, equipment area, group class area, indoor swimming pool, expanded sports area such as climbing wall, table tennis badminton court, bowling court etc., dressing room such as shower room, toilet, Auxiliary facilities, management and auxiliary room, equipment design, etc. And the indoor design of children's physical fitness must reasonably divide the functional areas of the sports room. At present, the planning and functional composition of sports room facilities still lack quantitative standards and scientific theoretical basis in our country. But functional zones can be set as sports area, equipment practice area, group course area, and extended sports area. And service areas can be divided into main service areas, extended service areas, and administrative management areas.


Expansion of sports area is the play areas for children, which includes ball hall, swimming pool, and martial arts hall. The children's extended sports area can be individually equipped with a climbing wall, a bowling alley, and a badminton hall with the characteristics of a sports room, which is rich in content and diversified in space. And sports room service area includes main service area such as reception area, dressing room, storage area, physical examination area, VIP private education area, public restroom etc; extended sports area such as nutrition catering; administrative management area such as office area, Storage and equipment room, staff rest area etc.

childrens indoor play park


Usually children's indoor play park needs to divide the function flow direction according to the flow of people. The crowd is divided into customers, coaches, management staff, and cleaning staff. The flow of people is divided into the flow of customers and employees, and the flow of customers is the mainstream. We know that the flow of people has its own activity trajectory and scope, but there are dialogues and interactions in a certain service space. Therefore, the design should reasonably divide the regional flow direction according to functions, so that it can avoid any inconvenience and disturbance caused by confusing flow of people.



What is more, the investor should care about indoor space environmental quality of kids play gym and use environmentally friendly materials and set up good ventilation facilities in the process of decoration. After all, it is an indoor play place for kids. So, the playground of children should be equipped with good ventilation facilities to prevent the exhaust gas from continuing to circulate in the limited space and causing epidemics.

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