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How to Cultivate the Good Habit of Kids Organizing Their Toys?

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In the kindergarten, the teachers often find that in the class, toys are often scattered on the floor after children play, and teachers need to keep reminding them to arrange the toys to put them on the large toy shelf or toy storage box. Some children are indifferent, even they watch others to clean up toy shelf, but they ignore the toys that fall on the floor. The reason is that children have not developed a good habit of organizing toys and toy shelves at home. So, how to solve the problem? How to let children take the initiative to organize toys and toy shelf? Is there any good way to let children experience this process from unconscious to conscious cleaning up the toys they played? In this article, we will tell some ways to cultivate the good habit of kids.


1. Use examples and role models to cultivate good behavioral awareness of children.


In daily life, the teachers can create situations and use stories, nursery rhymes, performances and other forms to let children know that organizing objects is a performance of a sense of responsibility and they can be praised by everyone. For example, if the child in the class helps the teacher tidy up the toy shelves and initiatively put toys on the kids toy shelf, even if the teacher asks him to do it, the teacher should give him a timely affirmation and praise him in the class to set a good example for everyone and make the children have a good behavioral awareness, so that it can promote other children to imitate consciously.


a small storage box

2. Lead the children to watch the sorted toys and cultivate a sense of success.


Usually children are young and lack self-confidence. They often need continuous affirmation from the teacher to gradually build self-confidence and affect their behavior. Therefore, after the child cleans up the toys and put the toys on the storage box of toys, the teacher may lead the child to watch the neatly look and affirm the child with admiration, also can compare the look before and after cleaned up, and let everyone see the obvious changes with their own eyes to build a sense of success and confidence in their heart. It can lay the foundation for consciously organizing toys in the future. Because let children get a sense of success and fun from tidying up is the biggest motivation.


3. The important point to cultivate the good habits of children is that parents teach by precept and deeds. 


The teacher in the kindergarten may contact the parents and ask the parents to prepare a small toy shelf or a small storage box for the children to pack their own things or toys. Of course, the parents may intentionally compete with the children to organize toys and give the children appropriate rewards or meet some of his reasonable requirements. After all, parents are the children’s first teachers. Their words and deeds have a profound impact on the children. Parents must teach their children by precept and deeds, and they must demonstrate to him by their own practical actions, and then ask him to do it alone.

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