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How to Decorate the Playroom of Children?

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The playroom of children is a place for children to play. So it should be added the elements that are conducive to children’s observation, thinking and play when decorating. During the decoration, the parents should pay attention to choosing some creative and educational multi-functional products. Since it is different from other spaces, it has critical requirements for many details such as color, lighting and furniture etc. Of course, the kids toy shelf and small book shelf are necessary. Then how the playroom of children should be arranged? How to set up that can provide a good environment for children to grow up healthily? This is the question that many parents concerned. After all, the playroom of children should be a colorful world, which can let the imagination of children free, and let the children interact with the room more. Here we share below seven methods for your reference.


1. Color


The colorful and peculiar shapes are generally the exclusive style of children's playrooms. The combination of these bright colors seems to have entered a fairy tale world. With small toy shelf and simple book shelf, the whole room will be lovely.


2. Wall stickers


Like color of room, the wall is also used to create a childlike space. The wallpaper can be more concrete, such as a castle, a forest or a cartoon kingdom. Of course, some more atmospheric geometric patterns can also be used.


a small toy box

3. Decorative painting


It couldn’t be better to decorate the walls of the children’s playroom with art frames full of childishness. Keeping the overall neat style, hanging some three primary color picture frames on the wall above the toy shelf of children and kids book shelf, the whole atmosphere is alive. In addition, you can also hang up a child’s own creation to record his growth.


4. Tent


Every child needs space to rest and play. A children’s tent occupies a small space. Put it in the free corner to let the children play happily. And a small toy box can be put here for kids to easy get the toys.


5. Blackboard wall


How many parents have a dream of having a blackboard wall that can be freely created in the playroom? The unfulfilled childhood dreams are realized for the children today. Children can always know more knowledge in scribbling and painting. And creativity must be cultivated from an early age. Such a blackboard wall is a better choice. And the parents do not worry about the children messing up the wall of house in the future, because this wall is prepared for them to paint freely.


6. Small house


Building a small house as a child’s scale will make them feel comfortable and safe, and they will feel that this is a small world of their own. 


7. Toy shelves of kids


Toys are indispensable for playroom. Put a large toy shelf or toy storage box in the corner of the room. So that the children can get or collect the toys conveniently after playing toys every time. 

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