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How to Ensure Safety of Children as a Playground?

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There is always some news which is about the accidents occurred in childrens playgrounds, which causes the parents to have the resisting psychology to the childrens playgrounds. Even they dont dare to take the children to playground to play some games, such as slide and swing set, jumping bounce, water slides etc. in order to ensure the childrens safety. They are afraid these amusement facilities will occur to some accidents suddenly one day. Therefore, it is really important to ensure the safety of childrens in playgrounds. As a playground, how to keep the safety of these amusement facilities?


1. Check the amusement equipment regularly.


The operators of childrens playgrounds should choose safe and high quality equipments and cannot only consider the price when purchasing amusement facilities. The small details should be considered when installing. It is best to wrap sharp places such as corners etc. to prevent the kids from being injured. For example, the workers in the playgrounds should check the outdoor slide or indoor slide regularly, whether there are signs of loosening for the connection parts etc. especially for the slide with swing. The swings are often swayed by children, the connection parts must be firm. In addition, the equipments should be lubricated and maintained regularly. The circuit should be often checked and the aging wires should be replaced in time in order to ensure the normal operation of the amusement equipments.


indoor kid slide

2. Clean and disinfect the equipment regularly.


There are so many children to use the kids slide every day, and it is inevitable to produce the bacteria. It is necessary to clean and disinfect the equipments regularly, especially in the period of novel corona virus pandemic. The operators of playgrounds had better to post notice to tell people that the kids equipments are cleaned and disinfected every day in order to avoid the parents worrying about it. In this way, the kids can play the kids slide happily and securely.


3. Good personnel management.


A good childrens playground should have good personnel management. The professional staff can guide the children to play well. At the same time, they can effectively avoid too many children concentrating on one place to cause scramble. For example, people often see there are many kids to play the indoor slide together, a good staff can guide kids to line up and slide one by one. And she can teach kids to learn how to get along with others when playing.


4. Draw up the entry regulations.


A qualified playground should have the entry regulations, which can tell people some rules to be obeyed. For example, it is forbidden to bring sharp objects into the playground. People should keep the cleanliness of the playground, and they cannot spit, litter, urinate at any place etc. For some amusement facilities, there is limit of age in order to keep the kids safe. The parents should pay attention to the notice before kids play. If the kids are not brave enough to play outdoor slide or swing independently, the parents had better to accompany him when playing. 

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