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How to Lead Toy Brands to Win Across the Digital Shelf?

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When you hear the Gameinhand digital shelf, maybe you will ask what is Gameinhand digital shelf? In fact, Gameinhand Digital Shelf is a mobile phone value-added business and a display and sales platform for various mobile digital products. It provides mobile phone users with abundant mobile personal entertainment content. The purchase process is intuitive and convenient, and the billing is clear. It is very convenient for people to go shopping on line. Comparing old marketing strategy, Gameinhand digital shelf is new for manufactures and people. For example, many baby toy shelf or book shelf companies open the stores to promote products before. Nowadays, they may promote the products directly on line.


In recent years, there are many products which are on sale through this way including all kinds of toy brands of children. Among them, there are still brands of kids toy shelf or kids book shelf etc. With the development of digital technology, manufacturers in all categories are trying to win on the digital shelf. They have no roadmap and no one can copy. Then how to lead toy brands to win across the digital shelf? Is there any good promotion plan for toy brands? In this article, we will talk about it.

Some news reported that the promotion of toy companies has always been a dilemma. When manufactures think of the promotion of products, their first impression is that advertising costs are often counted in tens of thousands. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is the astronomical figures at all. And under the marketing of the Internet age, the cost may be far more than that. So how to promote toys or toy shelves of kids well? Here let us analyze the marketing of toy brands firstly.

book shelves of kids.


With the economic development, children’s educational toys have also begun to develop rapidly. Among many industries, children’s toys including book and toy shelves are one of the few industries that can achieve localized brands. No matter it is the type or quality, it has experienced a development from ordinary toys to children’s educational products. However, the vigorous development of toys and toy shelves has also brought about an incentive competition situation of various brands, which includes from brand effect, price, quality, variety, or from channel laying, product design and research and development etc. But there is good news that in our country, the consumption of toy is growing at a rate of 30% to 40% every year. By 2015, the total toy consumption of our country has exceeded 100 billion Yuan. And there are more than 300 million people under the age of 14 in China. Among them, 80 million are urban residents, which constitute a huge toy consumer group. According to relevant statistics, there are around 380 million children under the age of 16 in our country, and the only children account for 34% of the total number of children, which reach 129 million. So the consumption of toys and toy shelves is large. After all, kids need these products such as toys, toy shelves and book shelves of kids. 

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