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How to Select a Good Playpen?

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When mothers and fathers go to the market to choose a baby safety fence for baby, they will ask how to select a good playpen which is suitable for the baby. In this article, we will introduce some tips for reference, and hope it can help them.


1. Materials must be safe for the baby.


When the parents select children's fence, they should pay attention to the materials, which must be food grade safe materials that have passed authoritative testing. And they may choose the wood or plastic one according to the requirements of babies.


2. The connection is stable and firm.


We know that the baby just learns to crawl, and he is very active and likes to bite or touch the things around him. When the parents select the baby play yard fence, they must pay attention to whether the joints of fence are stable and safe, whether it will clamp the baby's hand. Since there are many small parts, screws etc. for the accessories of the baby fence. Don't purchase inferior products because of cheap price.


3. The edges of baby fence should be smooth.


The baby's skin is very tender and is easy to be hurt by the burrs of the edges. When purchasing the baby fence indoor, the parents should double check the edge and surface of the fences whether they are smooth, whether there are burrs on the edges or surfaces. In order to provide the safety environment for the baby, the parents must be sure to choose a smooth surface without any sharp edges before using.


baby playpen

4. The height of the baby fence should be reasonable.


Usually the parents select the baby bed fence according to the age and height of the baby. And try not to consider the fence which is too low. It is not safe when the baby sleeps in it.


5.The color matching of the baby fence should be scientific.


Consider that the eyes of baby are sensitive for the light and the color, and too harsh colors are not suitable for the baby's eyes. The parents had better to choose the yellow and white visual theme and some warm colors for baby. These colors can give babies a sense of security and help them enlighten education to recognize colors.


6. The space size of the baby fence should be suitable for the place of own home.


When the parents purchase the baby yard pen, they should select the suitable space size according to the space of their own home, so that the baby fence can be placed the right location of home. And the parents should consider whether it is convenient to store.


7. Selecting the baby fence with some interesting interactive games.


Interactive games are helpful to develop the intelligence of the baby, expand the baby's recognition and stimulate the baby's imagination. It will be fun for the baby. What is more, the baby will be not bored when they have some toys to play. The parents can choose the suitable baby play fence with some games and toys according to the baby's age. 

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