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How to Select the Best Rocking Horse for Kids?

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Kids are the future of mothers and fathers. They need to be taken care carefully. Nowadays, many parents will buy many toys for babies. Rocking horse is the favorite amusement for kids. There are many different designs with different materials on the market, such as babys plastic rocking horse, wooden rocking horse etc. How to select the best rocking horse for kids? Here we will introduce some experiences for you as below.


1. It must be safe for baby.


It is important to choose a good rocking horse for baby. There is no doubt that safety is the first consideration in choosing all products for baby. We know that there are many manufacturers to produce babys toys. But some are maybe unqualified manufacturers, which produce all kinds of toys with materials of bad quality. It is harmful for babies body and is not helpful to the growth and development of the baby. Here the safety we mentioned includes not only materials, but also the process. The surface of rocking horse must be smooth and cannot have burrs to stab the baby when using. For the materials, it must be safe. The product must pass the safety test and certificate to ensure that there is no danger when the baby touches or bites it.


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2. It must be suitable for the age of baby.


All toys must be suitable the age of the baby. This is important. For example, if a baby with one year old plays the Trojan horse of a 3-year-old baby, even if the Trojan horse is enough safe for baby to play, it maybe causes accidents in some day. The parents cannot ignore it when choosing rocking horse.


3. Choosing suitable materials for baby.


Generally speaking, kids rocking horse is made of wood or plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the plastic toy is light and has beautiful colors, but it is easy broken after using for a long time or colliding. And the wooden toy is firmer and more durable, but it is too heavy and not easy to move, and its design and color is simpler comparing with plastic toys. The parents need to choose according to the characteristics of the baby.


4. Cushion material should be soft.


Rocking horse is a toy that is often played by baby, the cushion must be soft. We know that the babys skin is very tender, and easily broken if constant rubbing. The fabric with a soft surface can care for the babys skin. In addition, good air permeability is required. Sandwich fabric and Oxford cloth have good air permeability, and sandwich fabric is more breathable and is easy to clean and scrub. The cushion is basically removable and washable, but frequent washing is troublesome and detrimental to softness and comfort of the fabric. Choosing a fabric that is easy to scrub is convenient and can save many times.


Nowadays, kids rocking horse is not only a toy, but also a tool for childrens intellectual development. It can help the baby improve his hand mastery and enhance the babys self-protection awareness. If you want to buy one, go to shops to choose for your kids.

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