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Introduction about Materials of Baby Crawling Mat

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We know that baby crawling mat is a kind of mat which is used for babies to crawl and play. So the safety of product is very important. In order to ensure the safety and health of the baby, it is recommended that parents buy an integral crawling mat, which will be safer. After determining the style of the crawling mat, let us talk about the material of the crawling mat. There are many types of baby playing mats on the market, which are roughly divided into four types according to the different materials, which are EVA, EPE, PVC and XPE. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents can buy and consider comprehensively.


1. PVC crawling mat


The characteristics of the PVC crawling mat are soft and absorbent, and its price is expensive. And it is the most comfortable and soft in all materials. It touches very soft. So the baby will feel very comfortable when crawling on it. In addition, its water absorption is very good. It can prevent the baby from falling down when meeting the water sprinkled on it. The crawling mat made of PVC material is also more expensive than other crawling mats. Of course, if parents do not care about money and want to pursue a soft and comfortable feeling, then this kind of crawling mat is a good choice.


2. Pearl cotton crawling mat


The crawling mat made of pearl cotton is safe and cheap but it is not durable. It meets the national environmental protection standards and has the advantages of heat insulation and moisture resistance, but its disadvantages are poor elasticity and common waterproofness, and it is easy to crack. At the same time, it is inexpensive and durable. If parents intend to throw them away after using for their children for a year or a half, then it is more cost-effective to choose it.

EVA crawling mat


3. EVA crawling mat


The characteristic of EVA crawling mat is cheap but has poor safety. Since it is very easy to produce and the manufacturing process is not cumbersome. Therefore, many popular manufacturers will use EVA as raw materials to produce baby crawling mats. So the price is relatively cheap comparing with other materials, but its safety needs to be considered. Usually it has the bad odor, and the pattern is easy to be fallen off. So it is recommended that parents do not buy the mat with this material for their babies. Especially inferior EVA crawling mats, the parents had better to give up decisively.


4. XPE crawling mat


XPE crawling mat is durable and anti-skid. It has high density and thick touch, and it is very durable and is not easy to break, but it has low water absorption. Mostly it is imported from abroad, and is slightly more expensive. If there is a particularly naughty baby at home who is always easy to damage things, then this kind of crawling mat can be considered. Since it is very durable and it has good anti-slip properties, which can ensure the safety of the baby during playing and crawling.

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