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Is Building Blocks Important for Kids Indoor Playgrounds?

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Building block games in the fun indoor playground are valuable learning tools for all ages of children. By leaving an area within the childcare space for block games, child care providers are creating an imaginative cooperative game area. The children who play blocks in the kids play place are practicing a variety of development skills, including manipulating objects, creating structures, and working together.



Building Blocks Play Helps Children Grow


Building blocks of the kid play center can promote the development of children in the following different areas:


Body development. Toddlers using blocks are practicing their grip and hand manipulation skills, while preschool and school-age children can improve their coarse and fine motor skills by building a balanced and stable complex structure in the indoor play area for kids.

Cognitive skills. Children who use blocks have the opportunity to use their ideas to produce real structures, so children who build complex building blocks need to understand various mathematical concepts, including size, shape, number, order, area, length, pattern, and weight, which allows children to practice basic thinking skills such as comparison, measurement, and classification.

Language development. Building blocks center are ideal places for children to practice new words in the indoor place for kids, which allow them to describe the types of buildings, shapes, and structures through words. When working together to plan a structure, children must use language communication skills, so child care workers can improve language skills on building blocks by using new words to encourage children to describe their construction process and encourage them to write stories about the structure they create in the indoor playground for toddlers.

Social and emotional skills. In the process of building blocks in cooperation, children will practice negotiation, which will give them experience of abiding by rules, sharing their ideas and opinions, and seeing the world from people's perspective.


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Teachers Should Know What Building Blocks Are


Children will experience four expected stages in the block game, so teachers should fully understand these stages, that is, how the children's building blocks in the indoor kids play house will change over time.


Stage 1 - load block

Stage 2 - piling and road construction

Stage 3 - connect blocks to create structures (bridge, make shell, design)

Stage 4 - fine construction


Teachers can support their games in the playpark for kids by talking to children about what they are building, but it is worth noting that they must focus on the process of construction rather than on the final product. For example, child care providers should comment on the block selection, arrangement, quantity, similarity, or any special design features used by children.


The teacher should be responsible for the following work in the child play area:



Set up props and teach social research, community concepts, model formation, and problem solving;

Identify blocks and accessories by correct name, shape, size, or color;

Encourage cooperation in games and protect the rights of every child;

Assist in cleaning up;


For additional tips on building blocks of the play area for toddlers, see successful planned building centers in child care.

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