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Is It Safe to Let Babies to Sleep in Playpens?

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Many couples who will be the parents often ask whether it is necessary to install the children's fence. The answer is affirmative. After all, it can keep the baby safe and free the parents' hands to let parents have more time to do other things. Then is it safe to let babies to sleep in playpens? In recent years, people swiped the news that the baby fence has caused the child to be injured. It is really distressing to read these words. In fact, the baby playpen is available for babies, but the parents should be careful of some hidden dangers.


1. Using suitable baby fence according to the age of baby.


We know that newborn babies cannot move freely, and the parents always stay with them to look after them. When baby sleep at day, the parents can put the baby in the baby bed fence with soft and moisture-proof pad, but make sure that the height of baby fence is suitable for baby. When baby grows around 5 months, the baby can basically start to crawl when they wake up. At this age, the parents should pay more attention to the baby after they put the baby to sleep in the fence. The head of baby are easily stuck by the fence due to their head is too small when they wake up to find mother. So the parents had better to choose the best suitable baby safety fence for the baby at this age. Or the parents may place the baby in the open area which they can see them frequently.


baby play yard fence

2. Check the tightness of the fence and the gap between the fence and the bed.


In order to take care of the baby personally, many mothers will install the baby fence beside their bed. At this time, it should be noted that not all beds are suitable for installing baby fence. Usually the baby fence is supported by mattresses. When buying baby fence, the parents must measure the size of the bed, and ensure that there is no gap between the fence and the mattress to prevent the baby from falling down the ground when the baby sleeps. The parents had better to check carefully after installation is completed. Mothers or fathers can extend the hand into the joints to test, and ensure that there is no any questions appeared before using it.


3. The mesh of the fence should not be too large.


Most of the baby play yard fences are mesh-shaped on the market. When choosing a baby yard pen, the parents had better to choose it with small grids and the unbreakable nets, which can prevent the baby from sticking his finger into the hole because of curiosity. After solving these safety questions, the baby fence is still very practical for the parents. It not only can prevent the baby from falling down when sleeping, but also can provide an independent play space for them, which will greatly reduce the burden of mothers and fathers, so that they can have more rest time. 

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