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Marketing Strategies for Children’s Toys and Baby Brands

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No matter domestic brands or foreign brands which have achieved great success, generally speaking, they not only have excellent products, but also have established marketing strategies for market analysis and target group recognition. It is worth learning for toy companies including lots of kids toy shelf companies. Then what is important in the marketing strategy of children's toys and toy shelves? In this article, we will talk about this topic from the following aspects.


Brand strategy


Generally if a culture or brand story is injected a brand, the brand has space of connotation and extension, and the product has personality and style. At present, foreign brands of babys toys and toy shelves are aggressively attacking the Chinese market, and it is occupying 70% of the market share in shopping malls. While 70% of the local toy brands with 30% market share do not have their own Brand. Market competition ultimately depends on brand competition.


Image strategy


Enterprises must establish a good image among the public in order to attract consumers to buy goods. The image marketing activities of kids toy shelf market can be carried out and shaped from market image, product image, social image, and employee image. Shopping malls should use public relations to jointly organize activities of public relations related to marketing activities with government agencies or other enterprises in image marketing, such as the establishment of small clubs for teenagers and children or the issuance of small VIP cards to establish communication channels with consumers to listen to and collect their opinions on goods and services. In terms of product image marketing, children's toy shelf exhibitions can be held according to different seasons and different market hotspots. In shaping the social image, companies can organize social welfare activities and service activities with social groups and related organizations to win the public's favor and trust in the mall. The image of employees requires each employee to behave properly, do business in a civilized manner, and treat customers politely, so that customers feel at home when shopping in the mall.


kids toy shelf

Product Strategy 


The product strategy of modern marketing includes three aspects: core products, formal products and additional products. At this stage, toy and toy shelf of children are mainly concentrated in the competition of form products, which include product quality, product features, product styles, product brands, product packaging, etc. Since the babys toy and toy shelf cycle are relatively short, and it often only has one or two quarters. So grasping the sales opportunity becomes an important ways for companies to launch new products.


Pricing Strategy 


At present, domestic toy and toy shelf production are unbalanced. Low-end toys and mid-range toys are mainly produced by private and foreign-funded enterprises. Core toys are basically foreign-funded enterprise products and imported brands. At this stage, although the babys toy and toy shelf consumption in our country are mainly concentrated in the mid-range market, but a group with strong economic strength has formed in the market, which mainly includes parents aged between 25 and 35. So, it is helpful the development of babys toy and toy shelf companies if they can grasp this consumption group. 

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