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Methods of Basketball Drills for 5 to 6 Year Old Kids

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We know that the learning speed of children is the fastest in a persons life, and it is unmatched at any other stage. They always learn through their bodies and behaviors. And playing is the best way of learning. We can say that playing is the job of infants and young children, and it makes them healthier in spirits and bodies. Kids are constantly thinking while playing games, and constantly acquire various life experiences. For infants and young children, the process of playing is also the process of developing their intelligence. And kids indoor basketball is a good sport for kids to play. Generally speaking, kids may contact mini basketball toy or mini basketball hoop set when they are around one year old. And the portable plastic basketball stand with hoop can be adjusted according to the height the height of kid. When kids are 5 to 6 years old, they can be trained on indoor basketball playground systematically. But do you know what need to be paid attention to when going on free practical basketball drills for 5 to 6 year old kids? Let us to know it together.


1. Do not scold them loudly during drills.


The self-esteem of children is much stronger than we thought. Maybe they can remember some scolding words for a long time, and even it will affect the development of their characters in the future. When they made mistakes, give them more encouragements, such as you do a good job, if you can be more standard, it will be even better. Come on, you are very good.Affirmation words can make them learn faster.


portable plastic basketball stand

2. Do not emphasize their mistakes.


Kids who just contact with outdoor basketball game will inevitably make mistakes in technical movements. You need to correct them in time, but you must pay more attention to some skills. You had better emphasize correct actions and ignore wrong actions. For example, dribbling in place, you have to repeatedly emphasize looking ahead, and avoid something like Do not look at the ball. That is to say you had better emphasize you want and avoid saying what you do not.


3. Do not care too much about the result.


Cultivating interest is the most important thing. If kids are interested in playing basketball game, they would like to practice. And the progress will be obvious as well. After all, kids basketball training is a long term process. Dont rush for success. Enjoy the time with the children, and they will love basketball game.


4. Do not treat everyone with the same method.


Children with different ages have different psychologies. Of course, you must use different methods when training them. The above points mentioned are for kids who are around 5 to 6 years old. When they are around 7 to 10 years old, the training methods are quite different. For kids below 5 years old, you may buy mini indoor basketball stand and kids basketball hoop for them to play as toys. These facilities are special for toddlers or younger children use. 

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