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Safety Tips for Children’s Playground

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The childrens playground is a place for children to play. Usually there are many amusement equipments in it, such as kids indoor slide, kids outdoor swing and jumping bounce etc. which are loved by many children. But the parents should pay attention to the safety tips of kids amusement park when they take the children to go there to play in order to keep the kids safe. Then what should be paid attention to? Here we will introduce safety rules as following.


Safety rules of playground


1. During the process of playing, be sure to take good care of the children and never let the children play by themselves.


2. In the playground of children, please do not bring pets into the playground to avoid accidents. 


3. Children’s strollers and children’s bicycles should not be parked in the play area of kids to avoid accidents during play.


4. Children must be accompanied by their parents when entering the playground to play the amusement equipments.


Children should follow the normal operating procedures for activities. For example, when sliding on a slide, slide your feet downwards, do not roll onto the slide from the outside railing, and do not stand on a swing. 


kids indoor slide

If a child jumps from an amusement device, be sure to let the child see that there are no other children or objects in the middle of the road. When the child jumps, the feet should touch the ground and the knees should be slightly bent. When children are playing on climbing frames, slides, seesaws, swings and other activities, they should not push others and should line up.


If the playground equipment is wet, please tell your children not to play, because wet surfaces make the equipment very slippery.


When children play in the playground, do not wear clothes with string or belt tether. Strings, backpack straps, and necklaces may accidentally hang on the equipment, which will cause danger.


Except the above safety rules, parents should also teach the children how to safely play common amusement facilities.


Slides:Don’t be careless when playing slides. Tell the children not to fall down the slide. If the child fall down the slide, all the impulse will be borne by the head, and coupled with the violent impact with the ground, it will cause a concussion in severe cases, and at least it will scratch the scalp and cause a lot of bleeding. So it is dangerous.


Swing: Keep the center stable and move the center of gravity back as much as possible. Because when the swing is in the air, if the center is unstable, it may be thrown out again. Parents should demonstrate and explain for the child. When sitting on the swing, hold the rope tightly with both hands. As long as the rope is continuous, it is safe. When watching other children swinging on the swing, learn to dodge and avoid being hit by the swing. When the child is playing on the swing, parents should pay close attention to the child's movements nearby to prevent accidental fall and injury.

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