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The Designs of Best Indoor Playhouses and Tents for Kids

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Many parents like to buy some toys for their kids. But they always worry there is no place to put them. So it is better to design a best indoor playhouse for kid. And kids can use it to play as a kids toy room. The parents do not worry about the clutter of toys. After all, each kid needs a happy growth space. And they will definitely like playing in such a room. Here we collect some designs about kids playhouses and tents for reference.


1. The form of the game area.


The family style kids play area only needs a small space, and there are several simpler forms:


The first one is tent style, which has a strong sense of style and is very interesting. It can create a small world for children. The price of kids indoor tent is generally around one or two hundred, and it is economical and does not occupy land. You may choose teepee tent for kids. The shape is very special.


The second is to use carpets or fences to separate a special area for kids indoor playhouse. The simple carpet or fence is generally available for several ten dollars. It is the simplest way to build childrens indoor playhouses. What is more, there is an upgraded version of the fenced game area, which has more play items, but the price will be higher, generally raging from 80 to 150 dollars. After all, the more the functions are, the higher the price is.


indoor playhouse for kids

The third is to take the form of game tables and chairs. Only the parents would like buy some funny and educational toys, children are willing to stay here at ease. For example, you can prepare some toys that children like. Girls usually like romantic and quiet toys, such as dolls, music art and story books etc. For boys, they usually love dynamic toys, such as puzzle blocks, robots, racing cars and balls etc.


2. The material.


The babys indoor playhouse is a place for kids to play, so the materials must be safe and eco-friendly. It is recommended to use wood and plastic, which must pass the quality certificate and national authentication. Of course, the materials accord to environmental protection, the baby can touch safely. And you had better to choose the material which is easy to clean to wash in order to provide a cleaning and healthful environment for kids.


3. Lively and relaxed colors.


It is recommended to use light and warm colors for indoor playhouse for kids, such as yellow, orange, blue color with warm slightly dimmed lights. The colorful play area can best attract kids attention, and kids would like to stay in it to play.


4. Safety and hygiene.


Adhering to the principle of safety first, the parents should avoid dangerous factors such as sharp corners, stumbling obstacles, wires, socket areas, strong lights and so on. And the parents need pay attention to hygiene of kids play area, and try to clean or disinfect game equipments regularly for kids. 

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