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The Ideas about Kids Room Storage

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As the baby gets older, there will be more and more toys and picture books. So the parents like to purchase kids toy shelf or kids book shelf to keep the kids room clean and tidy. In this article, we will share about the storage ideas of childrens rooms.


First of all, when the baby finishes playing every time, the parents must tell baby to store his own toys by himself, for example, tell them to put the picture books on the book shelf, and put the toys on the toy shelf. It not only can exercise the baby to learn to classify, but also can let baby to learn to organize. In the process of tidying up, baby will have a more intuitive understanding of the color, shape and material of the toy, so that it also can exercise his judgment and improve his understanding of the world.


kids toy shelf

Usually the parents had better set aside an area at home as a fixed play area, so that it is convenient to organize every time, and it can save time of storage. A corner of the children’s room or the living room is a good choice. Find a suitable area as the play area of child and toy storage area for centralized organization. The toy shelf of child and small book shelf can be put here. Then teach kid to put the toys and books on the shelves as different classification. Then the small toy shelf will be very tidy.


According to the previous classification, put the corresponding label on the storage box. It is convenient for parents to organize and children can find toys or book easily. The parents may also select the appropriate containers for storage according to the size, quantity and shape of toys. Then all storage containers are labeled for easy organization every time. Even the parents may print out photos of the toys instead of labels, so that children can organize them themselves. At the same time, the parents may place the classified toys in areas and locations that are easy for children to reach.


Here it is recommended that some storage articles that can help you to save more space of room and improve the overall utilization and storage efficiency, such as airtight bags, airtight jars etc. which are suitable for small toys that are easy to lose parts such as Lego, puzzles, piles, building blocks, etc. Toy storage combination also can be used. You can choose a special toy storage cabinet, including storage boxes and partitions. For some relatively large toys, some flat drawers will definitely not fit in. If they are randomly placed on the ground, it will take up a lot of space, and they will also look messy, so large toys can be stored in a large storage basket. When choosing a storage basket, you may consider a folding design. When you don’t use them, you can fold them up and put them on the side of the closet. Now your room looks tidier. 

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