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The Meaning of Crawling of Babies

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As people knows that crawling is very important to the baby’s physical health and balance ability. A study in the United States pointed out that most families do not have suitable places for their babies to crawl on the indoor play mat due to the hot climate and economic backwardness in Mexico. So, most local children spend their infancy in hammocks, and their development of big movements is much behind that of American children. Children who are not in the crawling stage may still learn to walk later, because the basic nerves and muscles that are responsible for walking have not been practiced in crawling, their movements are not proficient enough, which may cause unstable walking or fall down in the future. So, it is important to purchase a good play mat and let the baby to learn to crawl. And the crawling mat can create high-quality conditions for children to crawl. In this article, we will talk about the meaning of crawling of babies.


The process status of babies crawling


Generally speaking, it is roughly divided into two stages, the prone style and the dog style. We know that babies learn to crawl naturally at about eight months. If the parents put the babies on the baby play mat, and observe, they will find that in the early stages of learning to crawl, their hands almost move with their feet at the same time, then crawl forward with the elbows, and the abdomen is attached to the ground, the crawling speed is also very slow. At the age of nine months, the body can slowly leave the ground, and adopt the alternate hand back and forth, and begin to crawl forward smoothly.


baby playing mat

The meaning of babies crawling


Crawling is the basis for the development of all movements. It has many benefits to allow baby to crawl on the play mat of baby. First of all, when a child crawls, his neck needs to be raised and turned left and right. It is very helpful to the development of the neck. What is more, when the child crawls on the kids crawling mat or baby playing mat, the wrist supports the weight of the body, which can strengthen the wrist. It is helpful for babies to take spoons for meals and draw pens in the future. When the baby is crawling on the crawling mat of baby, the coordination of the baby’s knee and arm movements and the flexibility of the joints of the limbs can be improved as well. In addition to strengthening the strength of the head, wrist, waist, arms and legs, crawling can lay a good foundation for walking in the future. The baby’s palms can also be explored when crawling on the suitable crawling mat, which will increase tactile stimulation. According to the research, the baby’s crawling requires complex coordination and control of many muscles in the cerebral cortex of the hands and feet, so crawling is a very important development in the baby’s growth process. And a crawling mat is necessary for the families which has babies.

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