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The Methods to Build a Child’s Wooden Rocking Horse

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Childs wooden rocking horse is a childs toy, which has been widely spread now. In the memory of many people, their childhoods are inseparable from the wooden rocking horse. And buying a baby wooden rocking horse can let mothers relax a lot. Because it can free mothers hands, and provides more time for mothers to deal with housework. We know that a wooden rocking horse includes many parts, which can be disassembled and assembled together again. Its advantage is to transport conveniently. After you purchase it, do you know how to assemble it? Here we will tell you the methods to assemble a wooden rocking horse.


1. Prepare the tools which you will use.


First of all, you need prepare some necessary tools such as screwdrivers, pliers etc. Then take out of all components of wooden rocking horse. You had better to read the instructions before assembling them together. So that you will roughly know the whole process and which parts should be put together.


2. Assemble the head of the rocking horse firstly.


Usually the first step is to assemble the head of the rocking horse. Find out all relevant parts that need to be installed on the rocking horse. First assemble the neck of the horse and tighten it with the screws, then assemble the head, and use the screws to reinforce the head and the wooden stick. Please note that it is very important to tighten all parts with screws, it involves the safety of the baby. Because the screws will maybe loosen after rocking horse works for a long time.


3. Then assemble the legs and baffles of rocking horse.


After finishing the heads parts, then assemble the legs and baffles together and reinforce it. As the direction, usually the lower part of the horse will be assembled at the end of the whole process.


4. After done, double check all parts and screws whether they are firm.


It is the important step since its purpose is to keep the baby safe. When the parents assemble the wooden rocking horse, you cannot ignore this step. Double check all parts and screws to ensure them firm and tightened, and test whether the bottom with anti-slip is suitable to the ground of your home.


5. Put the soft cushion on the back of the horse.


After finishing above four steps, put the soft cushion on the back of the rocking horse. The cushion should be breathable and easy to clean. It can care the babys tender skin to avoid injury caused by constant rub. Here we special reminder that the parents should pay attention to small parts, and keep them in bags in time after done, it can avoid the children to get it and swallow it during playing.


What is more, dont place the kids wooden rocking horse in a damp place, because wooden toys are prone to become black and moldy when it is wet at the rainy days. You may wipe it with a cloth if it is dirty. 

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