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The Size of the Children's Chair

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Childrens desk and chair are the products for children to read and write. It is the necessary furniture for children. A good childrens table and chair are not only environmental safe and healthy, but also has suitable height and size. The important thing is that it is comfortable to use. The choice of kids chair is comparatively important, because a good chair can help the child to sit straightly, and it is beneficial for the healthy development of children. Therefore, the parents must choose the right size chair according to the age of the child. In this article, we will introduce some methods to choose the chair for the children.


We know that the design of the childrens chair should accord to human body requirements. Of course, the desks and chairs must match the height, age and body type of the children. In general, the standard for childrens desks is 1.1 to 1.2 meters in length, and the height is 0.76 meters, the width is 0.55 to 0.6 meters, the standard for chairs is 0.4 to 0.44 meters in height, and the overall height does not exceed 0.8 meters, which can basically meet the needs of school age children. However, the child will grow taller as the increasing of his age. If the parents dont want to change desks and chairs frequently, you can choose the adjustable childrens desk. For book selves, the parents can choose invisible bookshelf or wall mounted bookshelf if you want to save the space of the room. Of course, parents may choose the whole set of book shelf, table and chair for children. Usually the standard size of childrens chairs should comply with the following standards:


children’s chair

1. The surface of chair is tilted back and down at an angle of 0o to 2o. When the chair surface is concave along the center line, the radius of curvature should be more than 500mm. the front edge and two corners of the chair are obtusely rounded.


2. The backrest of the chair is tilted back above the backrest point, and form an angle of 6o to 12o with the vertical plane. The upper and lower edges of the backrest are processed into arcs. The curvature radius of the concave surface of the backrest should be above 500mm. There is a clearance between the lower edge of the backrest and the rear edge of the seats surface.


3. The product technical requirements and test methods: the allowable error range between table top height and seat surface height is ±2mm, the allowable error range from backrest point to seat surface height is ±15mm, and other dimensional errors can refer to QB/T 3916. The requirements for material, craftwork, paint film etc. also refer to the quality standards. Of course, you can ask the professionals to help when purchasing.


Choosing suitable desk and chair for child is very important. It can improve the child to study and is helpful to cultivate the good habits to read and write. On the market, there is computer desk with bookshelf, and it is a good choice for children who often use computer. 

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