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The Tips for Toy Storage of Children

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Nowadays, every child has a lot of toys, which make them be busy every day. Of course, playing is the natural of children, and it is helpful to increase various abilities of children and improve the healthy growth of children. But toys will occupy many spaces of room. For the parents, it is a big problem how to solve. In this article, we will talk about the tips of toy storage and the methods to create enough comfortable toy storage space and keep the game room tidy and warm.

For example, magnets on the wall are perfect for storing toy cars, fabric pockets are ideal for storing dolls, and various storage boxes including fabric or wood can be used to store anything. The toy shelf can be stored toys, and kids book shelf can be stored picture books. Or a wall cabinet will save space and the best way to store children’s books or toys. The open type shelves and boxes look good and comfortable to use. Kids toy storage cabinet with a plastic basket for storage can keep the room tidy. Put the bag box in the open type shelf cabinet that seems better to organize the space and clean. Using a wall shelf can effectively store books, and this solution looks generous and beautiful. The magnet toy car storage is a good idea for a boy’s playroom. If there are a lot of things, you can use folding or sliding doors to create a whole storage cabinet. A box stool is a good piece of furniture to store books, magazines and other things in it, which does not take up space as well. A pocket doll locker attached to the wall is perfect for a girl’s playroom. The wood toy shelf on the wall is used to store books and other things. When you read here, do you think these storage methods are all great?

Kids toy storage cabinet


The place of toy storage and kids toy shelf is a child’s space, and it should be bold and colorful. Otherwise, they don't want to spend time there. Cover the walls in a creative way, for example, use wall decals to make a gorgeous map wall mural, which can help your children learn geography, and show art works of children. And it can make children be proud, because nothing is better than their own paintings. Chalk walls will inspire their creativity and look great. The colorful polka dot wall decoration, bold fruit art wall and cool hanging chairs make the corner super attractive. The blackboard wall is the best way to encourage creativity of children and keep the wall cool. Remember to buy some colorful furniture and accessories to make the space of your home more bold and enjoyable, which also can make you get more inspiration and create a good living environment for your children to make your children happier. For example, a swinging hammock lounge chair is a colorful and interesting piece, which is great for any child if the space your home is enough big or your home is with big courtyard. 

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