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The Use of Seesaw in Kindergartens

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We know that many kindergartens have outdoor seesaw or indoor seesaw. It is an interesting amusement facility for kids, and kids like to play it as well. But do you know the use of seesaw in kindergarten? In this article, we will tell you the use of seesaw in kindergartens through an activity.


In the eyes of the children, they often mistakenly believe that Large objects are heavier, and small objects are lighter. since they lack of some knowledge and experiences of life. Of course, it is incorrect. In order to help children to form the right experience, a teacher in kindergarten used the childrens seesaw as a starting point, she designed collective teaching activities and organically integrated with regional activities to guide children to analyze, compare and reason about the importance of objects through operating records. The purpose of this activity is to lead the children to actively explore and learn happily in the context of play and grow independently. Now let us see the details about this activity.


Activity goal


1. Try to operate in the game situation and use counting to compare the weight of objects.

2. Use the record sheet to analyze reasoning and judge the importance of objects.

3. Cultivate the sense of cooperation, analysis and observation skills, and experience the fun of participating in activities.


smooth cute panda rocking horse

Activity preparation


Knowledge and experience preparation: Children have played a kids seesaw game before.


Material preparation: Parents and children make "simple balance seesaw". Teachers and children collect small animal toys and pictures of small animal toys.


Materials for teacher demonstration: Three small animal toys (tigger, small tiger and puppy), a record sheet for demonstration, a demonstration diagram of a small seesaw, a simple balance, presentation board.


Operating materials for children: Each group has 3 people, each group has a record sheet and simple balance made by parents and children, each group has a basket (There are three animal toys in each basket, but they are different.) each has an optional seesaw operation card (pictures can be inserted into the corresponding place for children to correct mistakes conveniently.) several pictures of small animals drawn by children, coins, markers, baskets etc.


The process of activity


In order to attract children, firstly the teacher introduced this topic to make the children participate in excitedly.


1. Then the teacher showed the scale seesaw, and told children: “Recently, the children in our class are addicted to playing the scale seesaw. Such interesting toys not only attract our children, but also attract many small animals. Look, who is coming? (Tigger is coming)


2. Next it is the teacher's introduction for the scene: “Tigger likes to play the balance seesaw, and it jumps to the end of the seesaw. Hey, what has happened to the seesaw now? Why is it so?


Finally, the children begin to think these questions and give different answers. Of course, this activity is interesting for kids, but the key is that it develops the intelligence of children, and let them learn to think according to the questions of the teachers. A simple seesaw game brings many benefits for children. 

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