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The necessities of Babies–Crawling mat

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Baby crawling mats are also called baby play mats, and baby activity mats. In fact, they all refer to the mat that is for baby crawling. On the market, there are various brands of crawling mats for babies. It not only can let the babies crawl on it, but also can speak, sing, and tell stories by touching text or patterns. It can be said that the crawling mats of kids is one of the necessities of babies, it provide a place for baby to crawl on it, and it also can increase various abilities of baby.


When the baby starts to learn to crawl, it is necessary to buy a crawling mat, and the mother must assist and teach the baby to crawl, otherwise it will have a great impact on the baby's growth and development. At present, there are many materials and sizes of crawling mats on the market. Parents need to pay attention to the quality of mat when purchasing crawling mats for their babies. Next, let us talk about the selection of crawling mats in detail.


Why use a crawling mat?


Generally speaking, babies start to learn to crawl when they are 7-9 months old. At this time, mothers should prepare a playing mat around 7 months old. Of course, some babies learn to crawl as early as 5-6 months under special circumstances. So, mothers should observe the actual situation to see if the baby wants to start crawling. If so, consider preparing a mat in advance, because using a crawling mat can bring these 4 major benefits to your baby.


a baby crawling mat

1. Anti-dirty


Babies are playful by nature. But mothers often worry that the baby is dirty when playing, and think there are many bacteria on the ground, which will easily affect the baby’s health. Put on a crawling mat of kids and play again, so you don’t worry about babies’ clothes got dirty, and it can help to protect the baby’s health.


2. Anti-slip


In some families, the floor is very smooth, and it is easier to slip if there is a little water. And the baby who is playing is easy to get injured. The crawling mat has a certain anti-skid function, and it cannot move randomly when it is placed on a relatively smooth floor, which can ensure the safety of the baby.


3. Anti-knock


We know that babies often knock their heads to the ground when crawling and turning over, and they are also prone to fall when they learn to stand. The play mat of kids has a certain thickness, and the elastic material can cushion the damage caused by such bumps and prevent the baby from being injured.


4. Anti-freeze


When autumn or winter is coming, the temperature is low. Usually the floor is cold. And it is not good for the baby if they play on the cold ground for a long time. Putting on a baby crawling mat and let the baby play freely on it. Mothers are not afraid of the baby being cold any more.

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