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The significance of Rocking Horses to the Growth of Babies

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When we were a child, we often hear the childrens folk rhymes from the mothers or grandmothers. And many people grows up with this song, shake and shake, shake and shake, shake to Grandma Bridge, Grandma called me a good baby, a piece of steamed bread, a piece of cake……”  Many kids ride on the wooden rocking horse, and listen to the song. It can be said that the rocking horse carries the beautiful memories of many peoples childhood. Wooden rocking horse is a common toy of the baby, but almost all children love it very much. Maybe it is the significance of a rocking horse to the growth of the baby.


Nowadays, there are many styles of rocking toys on the market, such as rocking cars, rocking chairs etc. But rocking horse is still popular. Many parents choose it for babies. And its material is diversified. There are plastic rocking horse and wooden rocking horse. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, the plastic rocking horse is light and more beautiful, but it is easy to broken. And the wooden rocking horse is heavy, but it is firm and can be used for a long time. Many families would like to buy wooden rocking horse since it is durable. As a childs toy, wooden rocking horse has another name from foreign country, which is called Trojan horse. There is a long historical story about it. Now it is just the childrens toys to develop childrens intelligence, stimulate childrens ability and explore unknown things. It is popular since it promotes the children’s coordinated development of physical fitness and intelligence.

kids rocking chairs


We know that there are some benefits to play kids wooden rocking horse. It is said that it can improve the brain development of the baby. The baby who is often shaken during infancy is not easy to be motion sickness and seasickness after growing up. Of course, it is good for the health of baby. Some babies are naturally timid and dont dare to play it at the beginning, mothers can encourage them slowly to play it. After playing several times, maybe the baby will love it. Now the indoor rocking horse is developed continuously. Even there is rocking horse which is designed for the babies below one year. The design of rocking horses not only makes babies feel the charm of inertia, but also exercises their hands, balance and adaptability. The spacious seat and humanized backrest design of the rocking horse provide more safety for the baby. The safety is reflected in the material, the design and concept. That is why the children play it from the early age.


Childrens rocking horse is not only a babys toy, but also is a tool to enhance the feelings between the parents and kids. When the parents accompany the baby to play it together, it will enhance the emotional communication between parents and baby. It is important for parent and child interaction. And it is beneficial for the babys psychological communication. 

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