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Tips and Advice about Bedtime of Children

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In our daily life, this phenomenon often occurs in many families that not only adults will go to bed late, but children will also go to bed late. Some parents said that their baby dont sleep in the crib of baby and would like to play in the play yard of babies at night. We know that going to bed late is harmful to children especially infants. Then is there any ways to help children sleep? Here we will tell some tips to help kids go to bed early, and hope that it will help you all.


1. Adjust the home to sleep mode


If the whole family goes to bed late, and the sound of TV and conversation come and go, then you can't blame your baby for not going to bed on time. Because children are clever and active by nature, they often insist on playing in the baby fence even if they feel sleepy. And the adults still don't sleep, which will make the children feel that it is not time for bed. So it is advised that Parents create a sleeping atmosphere for their children when it is time to go to bed. For example, dimming the lights and turning off the TV. If adults no longer talk and even they need to go to bed, it will make the children feel that they cannot any more play in the baby gate play yard and it is time to go to bed.


For old children, parents can let them do some preparations for sleep, such as brushing teeth, washing their faces, washing feet, and making beds. This process seems simple, but it is a psychological suggestion to the children to let them know that it is time to go to bed, and they cannot play toys any more near the large toy box.


the crib of baby

2. Avoid brain excitement one hour before going to bed


Many children still play vigorously near the wooden toy box at bed time, so that they are too excited to fall asleep while lying in bed. It is generally recommended that parents do not let the children play too crazy an hour before go to bed, and do not play games that excite the brain, such as playing hide and seek with their children. It is best to adjust emotions of kids to a calm mode. For example, mothers can tell stories for kids in the comfortable baby yard, humming nursery rhymes in the crib of baby before going to bed etc., which can help children enter into sleeping mood.


3. Don't sleep too long during the day


Most of the kids who sleep too long in the baby yard of kids during the day. So they do not sleep well at night, or even cry and make a lot of noise when they feel unsatisfactory. How to do? If the child sleeps too much during the day, parents can consciously wake up the child, or tease him to play in the kids play fence for a while, and slowly adjust the black and white inversion. 

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