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Toy Safety Standards of Children

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Nowadays, there are so many toys of kids on the market, and the styles of toys are different as well. Then what are the toy safety standards? Usually it means various industry or regional standards for the safety of various kids toys. Toy companies or manufacturers must implement them during the process of production and sale in order to keep the children safe. Due to the unsafe factors in certain toys of children, many countries in the world have formulated toy safety standards. According to the safety standards, toys for children must be inspected and meet the safety standards. What is more, they must be marked on the product, otherwise they are not allowed to be produced, sold or imported. And most countries adopt the "International Toy Safety Standards" formulated by the International Toy Industry Council. Of course, the standards in different countries or regions are not exactly the same. Now let us get to know together.




AS 1647.1-1990 Children’s Toy Safety Requirements Part 1: General Requirements

AS 1647.2-1992+Admt.1-1995 Children’s Toy Safety Requirements Part 2: Structural


AS 1647.3-1995 Children’s Toy Safety Requirements Part 3: Toxicity Requirements

AS 1647.4-1980 Children’s Toy Safety Requirements Part 4: Flame Retardant Requirements

As 1990-1991 Safety requirements for floating toys of children and swimming aids for children




NBR 11786/1998 Toy safety

toys for children




C.R.C., c.931 Dangerous Products (Toys) Act


United States


CPSC 16CFR Part1000 to End Federal Consumer Product Safety Act

ASTM F963-96a Toy Safety

ANSI Z315.1-1996 safety requirements for tricycles

ANSI/UL 696 Electric Toy Safety


New Zealand


NZS 5820: 1982+Amendment No.1+COPR1 Toy Safety Requirements

NZS 5822: 1992 Prevention of swallowing and choking hazards when children under 3 years old use toys


South Africa


SABS ISO 8124-1: 2000 Toy Safety-Part 1: Safety requirements related to mechanical and physical properties

SABS ISO 8124-2: 2000 Toy Safety-Part 2: Flame Retardant

SABS ISO 8124-3: 2000 Toy Safety-Part 3: Transfer of Certain Elements


European Union


88/378/EEC Toy Safety Act

93/68/EEC CE mark affixing and use regulations

EN71-1: 1998 + A1: 2001 + A2: 2000 Toy Safety-Part 1: Physical and Mechanical Properties

EN71-2: 1993 Toy Safety-Part 2: Flame Retardant Performance

EN71-3: 1994 + A1: 2000 Toy Safety-Part 3: Transfer of Certain Elements

EN71-4: 1990 + A1: 1998 Toy Safety-Part 4: Test Equipment for Chemistry and Related Activities

EN71-5: 1993 Toy Safety-Part 5: Chemical Toys (Except Test Equipment)

EN71-6: 1994 Toy Safety-Part 6: Graphical representation of age signs

EN50088/A1: 1996 Safety of Electric Toys of children




Japan Toy Association Standard

Toy Safety Part 1: Physical and Mechanical Properties

Part 2: Flame Retardant Performance





GB 6675-2003 National Toy Safety Technical Code

GB 9832-93 General technical requirements for plush and cloth animal toys

GB 5296.5-96 Instructions for use of consumer products and instructions for use of toys

GB 14746-93 Safety requirements for children's bicycles

GB 14747-93 Safety requirements for children's tricycles

GB 14748-93 Safety requirements for strollers

GB 14749-93 safety requirements for baby walkers

GB 13472-92 BMX children's bicycle safety requirements


Toy companies and manufacturers had better refer to above safety standards to avoid any troubles happened when exporting toys of babies. 

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