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What Ages Are Suitable for Babies to Keep in a Playpen?

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There are many reasons for parents to use the baby playpen. For example, it can keep the baby safe and liberate the parents' hands. Using baby yard pen, the parents don't need to always carry the baby in the arms. So choosing a suitable baby fence is a good helper for parents. Nowadays, there are different kinds of baby fences for different ages' babies on the market. How to choose suitable one? Usually the parents may choose it according to the age of baby.


Newborn babies


When selecting a baby safety fence for a new born baby, the parents may choose baby fence with shorter fences, which will be more helpful to the growth of the baby. If the fences are too high, baby will feel depressed to sleep in it. And it is not convenient to carry baby out of the fence every time. Choosing a shorter type for newborn baby, it is more practical. Now there are different types on the market, such as 6ft baby gate, 5 foot baby gate etc. The parents may choose the suitable one as they like.


The babies between eight to twelve months


At this age, the baby is learning to crawl and even pull himself up. They are eager to explore the outer world and want to contact more areas out of the fences. Maybe they will get tired of staying in the baby fence after a few minutes. They always want to go out of the fences or let the parents to lift them out, if their desires cannot be met, they will cry a lot. The parents may decorate the baby fence to use different toys and keep them happier. Of course, the parents had better to stop using baby fence when they have free times and carry them to go out to play.


baby play fence

The babies between one to two years old


If the baby is between one or two years old, the parents may choose different designs and types according to the different requirements. Usually the baby at this age is learning to stand and walk, some can stand basically, and even lean on the side of the bed. The fence cannot be too long, so the parents may choose the middle size. And the fences of some cribs can be adjusted freely, so it is very convenient for using. Especially for babies below one year old, the parents can customize according to the height of the baby.


The babies between two to three years old


If the baby is between two to three years old, the parents need to raise the fences to a certain size according to the height of the baby or choose the baby play fence with higher fences. Since the babies at this age can basically walk, they will grow to the size of around one meter. If the fences are too short, they will be easy to fall down from the bed or cross the fences. So the height of baby fence must meet their requirements. The most important thing is that the parents should choose a suitable one for baby. 

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