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What Are the Benefits for Kids to Play a Slide in the Kindergarten?

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We know that almost all the kindergartens have outdoor slide or indoor slide for kids to play, and many children like to play it as well. Of course, it is nature of children to love to play. If the parents or teachers in the kindergarten can guide them correctly, and let them experience happiness during playing, it will be very helpful for the physical and mental health of children. Why the kids play slide is always installed in the kindergarten? What benefits for children do they have?


Generally speaking, there are many amusement facilities in the kindergarten, such as swing and slide, jumping bounce, seesaw and carrousel and so on. The slide is one of the childrens favorite amusement facilities. In some kindergarten, even there is outdoor playhouse with slide and water slides for kids. Because playing slide is very good for the body of kids and can develop the kids abilities. It can promote the kids tactile development, and let the baby experience the difference in tactile sensation when playing the slides. And the slide is the kids first feeling of speed. The slides with different lengths and slopes can bring different speed experiences to the children. Most kids initial experience of speed comes from the process of playing on the slide. Through acceleration and sudden deceleration speed etc., it stimulates the vestibular system of the brain and let the childrens neural pathways be smooth, so that the children can feel the increase and decrease of the speed from the endless fun.


childrens slide

During the process of playing kids slide, usually the child needs to master his own balance and speed, they have to maintain the correct postures, such as sit firmly, straighten his legs and hold both sides of the slide with both hands when sliding down, and then they can slide down naturally. These postures can improve their balance ability and exercise the muscles of the whole body. And the children need courage when climbing up and sliding down the slide. They will be braver in the future when facing difficulties. According to the research, the childrens slide can enhance body control and promote the childrens development. Usually the children who often play slide will have a better balance ability. When playing slide, they learn to judge the distance between themselves and the ground, so that they establish a sense of balance and form the concept of visual space. After all, good balance is the foundation of athletic ability. What is more, it can help children to establish a sense of self-protection.


In the kindergarten, many children often play slide together. They can get more playmates, which is helpful for the kids to cultivate their social ability and build friendships, so that children will not feel lonely when playing. And the slide in the kindergarten not only provides the chance for the kids to exercise, but also let them experience the joy of playing. It greatly improves the abilities of childrens balance, independent coordination and creativity. It really has many benefits to play kids slide.

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