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What Are the Building Block Games that Children Can Play?

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The building block is not a toy that will make you feel strange, which can be seen everywhere in children's toy storage bins. In fact, as one of the most common types of toys in life, building blocks have been around for hundreds of years and most of people don't think it's a boring game. For children, stacking blocks in the wooden toy box can not only improve motor ability but also improve their ability to solve problems.



Benefits of Building Blocks


There are many types of building blocks and the simplest building blocks also contain imagination, creativity, and destructive power. Your child may like to push a building tower down after stacking it as high as possible, whose purpose is to observe it carefully. Playing with building blocks is a way to cultivate children's fine motor skills, explore elementary mathematics and geometry, learn to solve problems independently, and clarify the concept of causality. Only the different characteristics of the blocks in the large toy box, such as size, weight, shape, and level of stability, can children begin to build cities with roads and bridges.



Different Types of Building Blocks


Move and take. A 2-year-old child may not be able to build impressive structures with blocks in the wooden toy chest but they can stack them in stacks or move them around, which can teach them the concept of weight and balance. For example, when a child pushes down a pile of blocks, he or she will quickly learn the concept of gravity.

Stack and arrange. Your child may start to pile up objects with simple structures around the age of 3-year old, which is actually only a mathematical model and related to some simple mathematical concepts. For example, two square blocks of the same size and shape can be juxtaposed to form a larger rectangle.

Bridging and connecting. Preschool children will place two blocks on the ground and add a third one of the toy storage organizer to look like a bridge, which can teach them the concepts of balance, symmetry, and combination.


kids storage boxes


How to Choose the Right Building Blocks?


The first set of bricks selected for children is best for them to play at random rather than for a particular pattern and large foam blocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors are safest for children who are learning to throw things.


Older children will prefer wooden blocks, so you can choose more complex blocks when your child grows older, such as Lego and waffle blocks. However, they are not suitable for children's first set of blocks, which can cause excessive restrictions or depression.



Preservation of Building Blocks


Generally speaking, you can put the building blocks in a big toy storage or stack them beside the wall mounted bookshelf. If the blocks are of different shapes, you can also help children fold up the blocks after the game or place toy cars, dolls, and other toys near the blocks to encourage children to try role-playing games in this environment. Besides, the following points are particularly noteworthy.


Do not encourage children to throw blocks of the toy storage basket.

Make sure your children don't climb on potentially unstable building blocks.

Don't dissuade children from pushing down their own building blocks in the kid storage box as part of their learning process, but you should make sure they can learn to respect others' creations.

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