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What Design Style Do Baby boomers and Millennial Like?

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What design style do people of different ages like? If we divide this group into 3 groups in a very simple way, that is baby boomers between 48 and 66 years old, generation X between 36 and 47 years old, and millennials between 19 and 35 years old generation. You will find that their preferred design and decoration styles are very different. So which group should the designer focus on? Is it older or younger group? Or is it in the middle age group? I believe if you try to catch all 3 groups, none of them will like you in the end.


In personal opinion, the styles of many companies including toy and toy shelf, kids book shelf or storage box of children in the domestic market are more favored by the baby boomers, namely those over 48 years old. This more classic style gives this generation a more familiar feeling of luxury and comfort, which may be related to the age when they were young and the age when they bought their first house. I think that as we grow up and get old, our sense of fashion will change to a certain extent, but will the same change also happen to our preference for decoration and style? The answer is maybe yes, or maybe not.

toy and toy shelf


Millennials whose age is from 19 to 35 years old seem to be more obsessed with modern, contemporary and even simple design and decoration. Young people whether they are married or not, now they are living in larger cities or metropolises, but they live in small apartments. Regarding of the space of room, it seems that a simple aesthetic is more suitable or even necessary for them. Therefore, they will use a decoration and furniture style that can make their space more open rather than cumbersome, which is also interpreted as more comfortable, modest, modern and international. For example, they will purchase the small toy shelf and small book shelf for babies instead of large wooden shelves.


Baby boomers whose age is from 48 to 66 years old prefer a classic and elegant look, which is completely different from the younger generation. And this generation may also feel that the exquisite retro style brought by the large furniture will give them a sense of comfort. While most young people think that the large furniture is outdated. We take the baby toy shelf and baby book shelf for instance. Baby boomers prefer purchasing the large toy shelf and large book shelf for their babies. Since they think the large toy shelf and book shelf are more practical.


Nowadays, a more modern and contemporary appearance style has become the first choice of many brands, and they are changing the style that they have been more familiar with in the past 5 to 10 or even 15 years. Is it accepted by baby boomers? In China, as the increasing of peoples age, people become more knowledgeable about international trends. And their tastes, styles and fashion sense will also change accordingly? Maybe!

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