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What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Baby Fence for Babies?

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When a baby is around eight months, he will begin to learn to crawl. And then he will learn to stand and walk along with the growth of his age. How to provide a good environment for baby to practice? The baby fence is a good helper for the parents. Using the baby playpen to circle the baby in it, the parents can encourage or guide them to practice crawl, it is really a useful way. After all, the parents can rely on it at this period. So it is necessary for the parents to buy a baby play fence. In this article, we will share some experiences for purchasing it.


1. The safety of materials


In general, most of the baby safety fences are mainly made of plastic on the market. Because the plastic has many obvious advantages, such as durability, impact resistance, water proof and it is strong and is relatively lighter than wood. For the baby at this age, he may like to bite the fence to grind his teeth. So the parents must make sure to choose the materials of fence without containing BPA, potassium phthalate etc. which is bad for the baby health. The parents had better to choose big brands or baby fence which is produced by the qualified manufactures when purchasing.


baby fence

2. Anti-slip design


The bottom with antiskid design can ensure that the baby playpen will not be pushed by the baby. This is very important when the baby is learning to stand or walk. Usually there are two types. One is the fence with silicone anti-slip strips at the bottom, which advantage is that you don't need to exactly match the size of the floor mat when you place it on the floor mat. And another is the bottom with suction cups. Its characteristic is that the suction cups can only be sucked on smooth tiles or floors, and it needs to match the size of the floor mat accurately. So it is little troublesome. Of course, if the floor of your home is smooth, it is also available for the baby due to its good antiskid. Generally speaking, the two kinds of anti-slip effects are both good. In addition, there are other designs about antiskid of children's fence, the parents can compare and choose suitable one before purchasing.


3. Gate fence


Sometimes the design of the gate fence will have some safety problems if you don't pay attention to. In order to having a good vision for the baby, some gate fence designs are with many hollow parts. If the hollow part is too low, it will become the baby's ladder to climb. So it is recommended that the parents to choose some upper hollow fences, which will not block the vision of the baby and also keep the baby safe. The baby can look out when standing. At present, there are many designs about baby gate fence, and some are with some patterns, such as baby gate with dog door. It is really lovely. And the color is suitable for the baby. After all, the baby likes the products with the beautiful appearance as well.

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