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What Work Need Do After Re-Opening Playground of Children?

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With the control of pandemic gradually, many indoor playgrounds of children have begun to resume work one after another. But the safety and epidemic prevention measures of kids indoor playground should be done such as cleaning, maintenance and disinfection. In this article, we will talk about it.


Staff training


The daily cleaning and protection of outdoor parks for children depends on the internal employees of the park. Therefore, the children's park should train employees before opening for business, so that employees can understand the knowledge of epidemic prevention and precautions in cleaning and disinfection. In addition, the park should also record the health status of employees every day and make a summary of each day's protection work. They had better prepare relevant emergency plans, so that subsequent protection work can be done better.


Reception in batches by time period


At the initial stage of the opening of public places, tourists still maintain a high degree of precaution in terms of public health and epidemic protection. Therefore, when the outdoor children's park is just opened for business, it is necessary to prepare measures for this precautionary psychology of tourists. In terms of the number of people entering the park, the park must control the flow of people to prevent excessive crowds to cause a psychological burden on tourists and affect the normal operation of the park. The playground of kids may take the way of trial operation to strictly limit the number of daily admissions and receive them in batches according to the time period. Then the parents and children who come to the kids play center every day will be very orderly.

kids play center


Monitoring work


At the same time, the parents and children need to show the application code and make an appointment to register on the official account before entering. In addition to the disinfection and epidemic prevention of tourists and employees, all the floors and carpets in the play center of children need to be professionally cleaned and disinfected every day, and the indoor air purifier is turned on every day in order to accelerate air circulation. The air-conditioning filter and air outlet are also regularly disinfected per day.


Daily cleaning and disinfection


The most important thing in the kids play park is toys and equipments, which cannot be sloppy about disinfection. The park can equipped with a medical spray disinfection vehicle. After closing every day, the kids play area need to be disinfected specially. Toys also need to be scrubbed with non-irritating and residue-free disinfectants and sterilized by ultraviolet light. The staff had better wipe and disinfect all accessible objects in the play area of children.


Then how to do for the restrooms, maternity rooms, lunch break rooms and other places? It is better to have a designated person to clean these places once every 15 or 30 minutes, and the accessible surfaces such as toilets, compartment door handles, breastfeeding chairs, cribs, diaper tables, etc. must guarantee to be cleaned. The maternal and infant room need to be equipped with new disinfection wipes such as alcohol cotton pads, and all blankets are for single use in order to keep clean. 

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