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What are the Benefits of Children’s Study Tables and Chairs for Children?

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When your child is writing and reading, please do not correct them if he often changes sitting position in the kids chair. Although teachers and parents are dissatisfied with the children who often change sitting positions, they even think it is inattention or hyperactivity. In fact, it is a natural phenomenon and unconscious behaviors. When people sit for a long time, they may be restless. It can promote the physical and mental development of children. After all, sitting for a long time is not a good thing. Suppose that you are working in the office, you will feel very uncomfortable if you sit and keep a posture for a long time. Of course, children should not move excessively in the chair. Here the point we discuss is that it can exercise muscle and reduce back pressure, what is more, it can help blood circulation.


We know that unreasonable writing equipment easily cause children restlessness. Above we mentioned that children are always hyperactive when they sit on childrens table and chair. Maybe it is caused by unreasonable writing table and chair. Because children grow up quickly every year, their height will be taller as the increasing of ages. The kids table and chair need to be changed accordingly. Perhaps the most reasonable study table and chair is adjustable kids table and chair set. Its desk and chair has the adjusting function, and can help children have a healthy sitting posture. The study platform also can be adjusted as the height and proportion of the child in order to meet the children with different ages from 6-18.


indoor study kid table

How to adjust the study table and chair? The first step is to adjust the chair, and the second step is to adjust the height of the table top. Adjust the height of the chair to make the front edge of the chair which is roughly level with the back of the knee. When the angle between the thigh and the body is about 100 degrees and the feet are flat on the floor, the height of the seat is correct. When child sit on the front of the table, tilting the seat forward slightly is helpful to keep the childs body upright and let him concentrate his learning. At this time, his pelvis is tilted slightly forward, and the back is straight. The key is that the adjustable kids table and chair set allows the child to change sitting posture more flexibly.


What is principle of study table and chair? When people adjust the seat depth, the thighs can rest completely on the front edge of the seat without any pressure. The gap between the front edge of the chair and the calf should be around the width of four fingers. It ensures that the legs are not obstructed by blood circulation. And the height of the backrest is set so that the backrest is directly below the shoulder blades. This can reduce the pressure when leaning back. When writing, the childs arms should be placed on the table. This ensures that the muscles of neck and shoulder remain relaxed. So it is very beneficial for children. 

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