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What are the Benefits of a Rocking Chair for Baby?

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The rocking chair is a tool for baby use. We know that when the baby is crying or unable to fall asleep, the parents often hold him in the arms and gently shake him. But the arms are easily tired if holding baby for a long time. So the parents will put the baby in the rocking chair to shake the baby gently. We know that rocking chair has the similar function with other rocking toys, such as rocking horse or rocking car, which can shake baby. The difference is that the rocking horse or rocking car is for baby to play. The parents who have babies would like to buy the rocking chair or rocking horse for baby. Both are useful tools for baby, and they think that it is beneficial for the health of baby. Then what are the benefits of a rocking chair for baby on earth? Let us see it together.


1. It promotes the brain development of baby.


The latest research by a famous medical doctor shows that babies are often received shaking, the speed of their brain development is gratifying. The weight of their brain will increase from about 400 grams to about 800 grams in one year. It increases double. And the increased part is the neocortex of the brain, which is the essence of the brain, and can provide the solid biological foundation for the development of childrens intelligence. That is to say, the baby rocking chair is beneficial for the brain development of baby.


baby play indoor rocking horse

2. It makes baby joyful and obtain great satisfaction.


We know that the fetus floats in the amniotic fluid of the mothers womb before birth, the changes of mothers body position are also a kind of shaking stimulus such as getting up, walking and moving etc. this stimulus is constantly sensed by the fetus and sends a strong signal to the brainstem vestibular system of the fetus. It can promote brain development of the fetus. When the fetus is born, the shaking stimulus signal suddenly disappears, which will cause the baby to feel uneasy. When the baby is put in the rocking chair, the feeling to be shaken comes back again. It makes baby obtain great satisfaction. That is why the babies love the kids rocking toys very much. Sometimes as soon as the baby is put in the rocking chair, he will stop crying at once. And the rocking chair is good for the health of the baby. But this is one point to reminder the parents, dont let the baby sleep in the rocking chair at night. Because the bones of baby are not grown well and the rocking chair is very soft, it is not good for baby to sleep the whole night in the rocking chair. It will affect the bone development of the baby and make the back bone bend. When baby falls asleep in the rocking chair, the parents can hold the baby to the babys crib to sleep. After all, the rocking chair is not the bed. 

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