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What is the Size of Children’s Furniture?

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People who have children at home are generally not stranger for childrens furniture, especially for the childrens desk and bookshelf. Children often use desk and book shelf when reading and writing at home. There are many brands of kids furniture on the market, and the styles are many kinds. Here we take bookshelf as an instance. Its design includes corner bookshelf, wall mounted bookshelf, invisible bookshelf and so on. And there are many different shapes such as tree book shelf, ladder bookshelf etc. childrens desks and chairs also have many styles and designs. What is the general size of a childrens furniture? How to choose suitable one for the kids? Let us get to know it together.


What is the general size of a childrens desk?


Generally speaking, the childrens furniture should be chosen according to the height of the children. When the children go to kindergarten, his age is around 3-6 years old. And the age of a child to go to school is around 7 years old. The standard height of the children with 7 years old is 110 to 115cm, and the corresponding desk height is about 46cm. the standard height of children with 10 years old is 130.4cm to 141.5cm, the corresponding desk height is 53cm. Then the standard height of 12-year-old children is 146.7 to 151.6cm, the desk height is 55cm. the standard height of 14-year-old children is 157.6 to 162.7cm, the desk height should be 63cm. Here we give the desk and chair standards as following:


book shelf

Desk standards: the length is around 1.1 to 1.2m. The width is 0.55 to 0,6m. The height is 0.76m.

Chair standard: the height is around 0.4 to 0.44m.


Of course, the above dimensions are only for the parents reference. After all, the height of each child is different, but the difference will not be very large. There is one point the parents need to note that generally the overall height of the desk should not exceed 0.8cm, so that it can meet the basic needs of school-age children.

What color is suitable for the children?


For the choice of furnitures color, the parents can choose it as childrens like or the color match room color. Of course, the color of wall bookshelf had better match the color of childrens room. It looks more beautiful. Usually the colors of the children’s desk and bookshelf are white, green and blue and so on. The ivory white color can give the whole room a sense of elegance. The green and blue color looks simple and comfortable. The parents had better to choose the furniture with smooth lines and rounded corners design. In addition, the strong and durable desk is necessary as well. The beautiful appearance is important for children use. It can make the children have a good feeling when using it. If the parents choose it for baby who is in the kindergarten, you may choose baby table and book shelf. Since they are mini bookshelf and desk, the height is short and suitable for baby using. 

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