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When Can Baby Play with Blocks?

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12 months of babies should be able to put one building block on another, which is their interest. "Babies can pick up and check blocks up as early as six months," said Victoria J.Youcha of Zero To Three, a nonprofit that specializes in healthy development of infants and young children. But, all you can expect at this age is to hold the building blocks and it will take months to learn to stack them. Different ages of children play different blocks in the children's indoor playground, which parents must pay attention to.



Children Aged 0-1 Are Suitable for Colorful Fabric Blocks


Children before the age of 1 have not formed a real concept of space, so standard hexahedron, certain texture, and in accordance with the mechanics principle of building blocks is not very significant for them. The best choice is fun building blocks in the baby indoor playground, such as soft, brightly colored, and fabric blocks with animal or fruit patterns, which allow children to perceive colors, recognize objects, and develop touch without worrying about hard blocks hitting children. Of course, dolls, plush animals, books, and so on can do the same if they are not prepared in the indoor kid park. Baby likes to put all the things in his mouth, so it should be safe and non-toxic whether it is wood block or cloth building block.


indoor play area for toddlers


Children Aged 1-2 Are Suitable for Light Blocks


The spatial consciousness of children over 1 years old is forming, which is mainly reflected in the phenomenon that all items will be folding up. Even without blocks in the indoor playground for home, they like to pile everything together and look at it fall down happily. Building blocks with decorations such as puppies, kittens, or dolls in the indoor play area for toddlers will be more likely to attract children's interest. Because the physical control and hand eye coordination ability of children are not very good at this age, light blocks should be selected to prevent the child from being hurt when the building blocks in the best indoor playground fall down and the blocks should be not too large for the children to grasp.



2-3-Year-Old Children Are Suitable for Standard Size Blocks


The concept of space, language, thinking, and imagination of children in their 2-year-old have developed, so the movement of hands and the ability of hand eye coordination will gradually increase, which means they can do something more complicated. You can choose standard blocks for him in the wooden indoor playground, such as two semicircles that are exactly the same as a positive circle and the length of the two short blocks is exactly the same as a long block, which can give children more space for creation and performance.


Parents should pay attention to the following items when choosing building blocks in the indoor play place for kids:


Pay attention to whether the manufacturer, production address, and qualification meet relevant national regulations;

Pay attention to whether the edges of children's blocks are flat, burr, and too sharp;

The children building blocks are good for logs and pay attention to whether the paint is environmentally friendly;

Don't choose blocks with too bright colors in the kids play area indoor;

Plastic blocks need to be aware of materials and try not to choose PC building blocks.

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