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Which One is Right for Your Baby, Baby Swing or Baby Bouncer?

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With the improvement of peoples life, the toys of the baby are walking into many families, such as the small sized baby swing with slide and baby bouncer. Both belong to the toys of swaying, and are for baby to play. For the mothers and fathers, they always cannot distinguish the differences between them when they want to buy one to put it at home for their baby to play. And which one is better? In this article, we will analyze for you the differences one by one.


1. Baby swing


All people know the swing, and most of kids like to play it, even adults like it as well. So it is divided into baby swing, kids swing and adult swing. They have same appearance, but the length of rope and the bearing weight is different. Of course, baby swing is the small swing for baby. We know that there are many benefits to play swing, so the parents would like to buy one for baby to play. It just likes a big toy of baby, and can bring a lot of fun for baby. When the baby is around one year old, he can hold on the rope and play it with the help of parents. On the market, there is a new product for baby, which is slide and swing set. It is indoor slide which combines with indoor swing together, and the baby can play both at home. It is very beneficial to develop the intelligence and physical abilities of the baby. Usually the baby below 5 years old can play it at home. It is safe and convenient for the baby. When the baby is more than 5 years old, his feet can touch the ground while sitting on the outdoor swing, the parents can take the baby to go out to play outdoor swing and slide.


baby slide with swing

2. Baby bouncer


What is baby bouncer? When people hear the name, maybe some people dont know what the role of it is. In fact, it is a child seat with swaying function. Baby can sit in it and swing with it. The function of the baby bouncer is very similar to a swing. It is a simple swing and can be called rocking chair. Comparing with the swing, baby bouncer is often seen in some public places, and there is no big difference between them. If you insist on finding the difference, you can think that the small sized baby bouncer is for the baby with several months. In the past, the parents will put the baby in the cradle, and swing it to let the baby sleep. When the baby is crying, the parents swing the cradle, the baby will stop crying at once. Now the parents can put the baby into the small sized baby bouncer. It can swing automatically, and it can be made to order for baby. The baby bouncer usually has all kinds of beautiful animals shapes. The kids can sit in it and listen to music when swaying. So it is loved by many kids. 

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